I can see clearly now!

Win a pair of Scout frames of your choice with prescription lenses from Glasses Direct | H is for Home

Hey everyone – we hope you’re enjoying the May Bank Holiday weekend. Has the weather been good where you are? It’s been grand here! We have a fab new competition starting today – you could win a pair of Scout frames fitted with prescription lenses from the people over at Glasses Direct.

My trial of GlassesDirect glasses including Scout frames | H is for Home

Ordering my specs online from them was such a great experience from beginning to end. Their website allows you to take a photo of yourself, upload it and then try all their glasses on ‘virtually’. When you’ve short-listed your favourite four, you can ‘try before you buy’. They will send you out the frames in the post for you to try on ‘in the flesh’. When you’ve decided on the ones you like the best, you simply send them all back (they pay postage both ways), upload your prescription and place your order. It’s as simple as that!

Adelle wearing Scout 'Festival' prescription glasses | H is for Home

They often have special offers on such as free second pair, free postage or other discount codes. I took advantage of one of these offers to get myself a pair of prescription sunglasses for when I’m working on my laptop in the garden on sunny days.

Adelle wearing 'Audrey' prescription sunglasses | H is for Home

Here’s your chance to win a pair of Scout frames of your choice fitted with prescription lenses*. Simply hop over to the Glasses Direct website to check out the range of frames Scout have to offer. Then come back here and leave a comment saying which are your favourite – there are nearly 50 from which to choose!

*No prescriptions over -/+ 8.00. Only basic lenses – no coatings or upgrades.

Scout prescription glasses

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Gimme Five! Reading sunglasses

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Selection of five reading sunglasses

Here I am, writing this post as I sit in the garden on a warm, sunny day. I’m wearing a pair of reading glasses with a pair of sunglasses over the top. I have to admit, it’s not the best look I’ve ever rocked. I’m not too proud or vain to say it… I look a complete fool.

If I only wear my sunglasses, I can’t read what I’m writing; if I only wear my glasses, I can’t see the screen for the glare. There’s only one thing for it – a pair of reading sunglasses. The decision is, do I go for cheap & cheerful, off-the-shelf – they’ll mainly be for wearing in the garden – or do I shell out for a decent pair with my proper prescription?

I spend up to 18 hours per day staring at various screens. And besides, I’ve completely fallen for the London Retro Caine pair (#5). They may be a bit steep at £95, but you get a second pair free – so a pair of glasses glasses and a pair of reading sunglasses!

  1. Large mock tortoiseshell reading sunglasses: £15, Marks and Spencer
  2. DiMarco plastic ready-made reading sunglasses: £44, SpeckyFourEyes
  3. EE Collection 10860: £79, Exclusive Eyes
  4. Sight Station Munro tortoiseshell reading sunglasses: £20, Debenhams
  5. London Retro, Caine: £95, Glasses Direct

What a spectacle!

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collection of vintage 1950s spectacle frames

We picked up an interesting little ‘job lot’ last week – vintage spectacles, which is a new one for us.

pair of vintage brown 1950s spectacle frames

They’re unused frames – still with original opticians labels from AJH Blackham, Drake Street, Rochdale – ready to fit your lenses of choice.

pair of vintage green 1950s spectacle frames

They date from the very late 40s/early 50s and have distinctive styling from the period. They must have been the latest thing when they were put on display.

vintage clear 1950s spectacle frames with pink rose motif

We’ll put them in our webshop soon – or perhaps our eBay shop might be the best place to sell them. Get in touch if you’re a big vintage fashion fan and are interested in these. It’s not everyday that unused, vintage accessories turn up so we’d like to give our regular readers first dibs.

Wednesday Wish: See Concept reading glasses

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gold See Concept reading glasses

This is the 100th Wednesday Wish so we’ve decided to pension off the series – after all, there are only so many things one can wish for! These See Concept reading glasses are a fairly long-standing wish list entry.

Adelle looking through a pair of See Concept reading glasses

Last October, we went to Gimbals Restaurant in Sowerby Bridge to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I couldn’t read the menu because I forgot to put my reading glasses in my handbag before I left home. But I needn’t have feared, the restaurant had a few of these fantastic reading glasses on stands for just that very dilemma!

Before we left the restaurant that night, I made a mental note to remember the name of the company that made them so I could get myself a pair for my bedside table. Needless to say I’d forgotten it before we got home! I’ve done countless Google searches for “glasses on a chain”, “reading glasses on stand”, “glasses with handle” but to no avail, I couldn’t track them down.

Last week Fab had a “Just for Fun” sale and eureka, there they were! They’re available in lots of colours but I think I’ll plump for a luxe gold pair!

Wednesday Wish: Roope Vintage glasses

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selection of Roope Vintage tortoise rimmed glasses
from top: Retro 60s Honey Comb – £97 | Vintage 60s Lola Tortoiseshell – £77 | Retro 90s Carven – £57 | Retro 80s Charmant 4659 – £117

Well folks – I’ve known my days were numbered for a while now. I’ve been squinting at the screen of my iPhone and MacBook for longer than I care to admit. The eye test I had last week just sealed the fate I knew was immanent – I need glasses!

The people in Boots the Chemist were lovely – they didn’t give me the hard sell or anything. It’s just that, being an eyeglasses virgin, I had no idea where to go to find stylish frames. I’m a regular wearer of sunglasses (despite living in the perpetually grey north of England) and know what suits my face and what doesn’t. Again, no offence to Boots, but they had rack upon rack of what seemed to me to be near identical, rectangular, tiny framed examples. I’d been there over an hour, it was getting late, my mind was boggled, I just needed to choose something – I left the shop having chosen the drabbest, most nondescript, largest-framed specs they had.

Later that evening I rang my optically challenged best friend Duncan and told him about my experience. He made a few jokes about me looking like Deirdre Barlow and the large afro-wearing one from Althea & Donna… then he told me about Roope Vintage – WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE MENTIONED THEM BEFORE?!

I’ve chosen my top four – which are your favourites?