We’ve got more Mills Moore!

Vintage Mills Moore cutlery set | H is for Home

One of our most frequent customer enquiries is, “Do you have any more of the Mills Moore cutlery?”

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery | H is for Home

People find it here on our blog, our Instagram posts and archived shop listings. Quite often, we have to say, “Sorry, no, not at the moment.” But not today!

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery | H is for Home

We’ve just listed a fabulous set of the 1960s stainless steel Mills Moore cutlery – 6 of everything – 42 pieces in all.

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery showing maker's mark | H is for Home

This range definitely appears to be the most sought after – and we also very much like the form of this particular design. We love the walnut handles too, with their warm colour and differences in tone. The quality is excellent and they feel really good in the hand.

Set of vintage Mills Moore cutlery | H is for Home

It’s been listed today, so if you’re one of those people who’s been keen to get hold of some, now’s your chance!

Blomus tea set

Limited edition stainless steel 'Asia' Blomus tea set | H is for Home

This stainless steel tea set caught our eye at a local flea market last week. What a fabulous modernist shape!

Stainless steel Blomus tea pot with large West German vase | H is for Home

The lady selling it thought it dated from the 1960’s. We could go along with that assumption in terms of design – you could just see it in the departure lounge of 2001: A Space Oddysey!

Stainless stell Blomus tea pot showing integral stainless steel strainer | H is for Home

However, this date was far from certain and would require some checking. It was clearly marked to the base, so detective work was quite straightforward.

Blomus Germany base mark | H is for Home

As it turned out, it dates from the noughties – and is the limited edition ‘Asia’ tea set produced by Blomus of Germany.

Stainless steel Blomus tea set with stainless steel candle holder and vintage Danish Fortnight Neiman Marcus poster | H is for Home

The design and quality is superb – and we love little details like the integral strainer. The set comprises teapot, lidded milk and sugar bowls – and under tray. Form meets function perfectly.

Detail of the milk jug from a stainless steel 'Asia' Blomus tea set

It’s quite quickly become sought after and collectable. It’s just gone into a mid century modern corner of a new retail space that we’ve just acquired… more details to follow on that! It’s priced at £125 the set.

Price Points: Kitchen trolleys

Stainless steel kitchen trolleys | H is for Home

You may have read a post earlier this week in which we talked about a vintage stainless steel hospital trolley we’d bought – and its potential to make a great kitchen work station. So, for this week’s Price Points we’ve included it in our list of kitchen trolleys where it sits very nicely indeed. A cleanable work surface, storage areas for ingredients or equipment and manoeuvrability are the key requirements.

  1. FLYTTA kitchen trolley, stainless steel: £100, IKEA
  2. Vintage hospital trolley: £135, H is for Home
  3. Kitchen island with cook stainless steel counter top by Hahn: £495, Wayfair

Home Tones: Steel

'Home Tones' blog post banner

Stainless steel kitchencredit

Steel – the material and the colour is this week’s Home Tones. By its very nature, steel has a solid and durable quality. It has real presence in a space – strong and timeless. It’s probably most often used in kitchens and kitchen diners, but we’ve found some wonderful images of it being utilised in bathrooms, lounge areas and bedrooms too. And not forgetting outdoor spaces where metal planters and garden furniture can look fabulous in contemporary designs. It’s the perfect partner for lighter shades of wood such as beech and birch – and looks amazing set against various shades of purple, orange and grey.

sitting room with purple armchairs and large steel ceiling pendant lightcredit

Stainless steel bathroom sink consolecredit

steel four-poster bedcredit

Modern stainless steel fire extractor fluecredit

Home work desk with metal chaircredit

Large outdoor steel planterscredit

Eileen Greyttype chrome & glass bedside tablecredit

Tempting tea set

'Tempting tea set' blog post banner

Vintage stainless steel & teak tea set

And the nominations for our favourite purchase of the week are… *dramatic pause*… it’s like the Oscars… well, not quite. Anyway, our choice for favourite purchase of the week is this fabulous 1960s tea set.

Vintage stainless steel & teak tea set

We see so many drab, average-looking stainless steel tea sets from this period that we don’t normally look twice. Just occasionally, one stands out from the crowd!

Vintage stainless steel & teak tea pot

This one’s quite sculptural – we love the angular ‘hollow’ handles and circular teak finials. It has a really clean, modernist look. We’ve no idea of the designer or manufacturer. The only markings indicate it was made in Hong Kong which was quite common during this period as many companies based production there.

Base stamp of a vintage stainless steel tea pot

Whoever is responsible, there’s no doubting that it’s a great looking piece. Just the thing to accompany a plateful of modernist triangular sandwiches (crusts removed, of course) – or sports biscuits with their 1972 Munich Olympics vibe (the original versions at least). Alternatively, the set could just sit on open mid century modern shelving looking fabulous. Let us know if you do happen to know a possible designer for it – or if you’d like to own it of course!

Cutting Edge!

'Cutting Edge!' blog post banner

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

Anyone out there after some cutting-edge cutlery?

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

We’ve just picked up five boxes of classic mid century modern flatware.

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

There are six each of main course knives & forks, starter knives & forks – and spoons. That should cover lots of menu options!

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

They’re stainless steel with walnut handles.

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

 We love the handle shape and grain of the wood.

Vintage Mills Moore cutlery mark
It was produced in the 1960s by Mills Moore of Sheffield – the steel city and home to some great cutlery makers. Other names that spring to mind include Viners, Mappin & Webb, Joseph Rodgers, Sanderson and Wolstenholm.

Design Centre logo on boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

It’s a wonderful design in terms of both material & form – and was selected by The Design Centre – always a good sign when collecting pieces from the era. The boxes are tatty, but the contents are in good condition. We’ll try and get them into our web shop this week – alternatively, drop us a line if you’re keen to fill that cutlery drawer!

Mid century companion set

'Mid century companion set' blog post banner

stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

We bought this fabulous 1950s/60s coal bucket & matching fireside companion set last week. Although there’s a good selection of great looking sets being manufactured today, we don’t come across many stylish examples from this period.

tools from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set coal bucket from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

The only other ones that spring to mind are a couple of atomic sets that we sold many years ago. They’re usually very traditional looking affairs, often made of heavy brass, copper or wrought iron – this one is altogether more mid century modern in design.

stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

It’s made of stainless steel with teak detailing. It was filthy when we bought it, but metal polish, wood oil and elbow grease has improved it no end. It’s heading off to our antiques centre space later on this week.