Tin tin!

Collection of vintage tins | H is for Home

We just love vintage tins! We have them dotted all over the house. They add a homely, vintage touch to shelves, cupboards & cabinets.

Vintage tin decorated with deer, pottery giraffe from the USSR, wide 60s yellow bangle & green Philippe Stark watch | H is for Home

We store all manner of things in them- buttons, jewellery, loose change, sweets, receipts etc.

Larder shelf with vintage tins and baking ingredients | H is for Home

Tins from the 50s & 60s are our favourites, with their wonderful period designs & motifs.

Vintage 1950s tin depicting 2 ladies having tea | H is for Home

We pick them up in all the usual places – markets, auctions & charity shops. They’re not all that easy to come across, despite the fact that they were often saved & reused once their original contents were consumed.

Vintage Nestlé Flair chocolate assortment sweet tin | H is for Home

This is a recent find with an unusual snakes & ladders game board on its lid.

Vintage Peek Freans biscuit tin with snakes & ladders game on lid | H is for Home

Detail of vintage biscuit tin with snakes & ladders game on lid | H is for Home

This one depicts the countries of the British Isles on each of its sides.

Mosaic of different sides of vintage tin depicting the British Isles | H is for Home

Stylised flowers are a popular motif…

Trio of vintage tins all decorated with flower motifs | H is for Home

…as are birds & animals.

Vintage tin decorated with colourful birds | H is for Home Vintage tin decorated with orange & brown deer | H is for Home

Brightly coloured food tins, both modern & vintage, look great in the kitchen.

Collection of brightly coloured vintage & new food tins | H is for Home

Then there are tins for herbs & spices and favourite recipes.

Vintage tin box for recipe cards | H is for Home

And what’s better than a lovely vintage cake tin next to the kettle?

Vintage 3 tier cake tin, Briglin mug and chocolate brownie | H is for Home

especially if it’s got home-made cake inside!!

Vintage 3-tier cake tin with Christmas cake inside | H is for Home

We always like to have a few vintage tins on the H is for Home website. They’ve proven very popular – click on the link to see our current available selection.