Forthcoming Attractions: Early September 2017

Collection of vintage packaging and advertising | H is for Home

We made one of our bulk purchases last week. We’ve featured other such ‘job lots’ in previous posts – products as diverse as textiles, magazines, lamps, even candle dowsers. This time it’s vintage packaging.

Collection of vintage sweet and biscuit tins | H is for Home

There were plenty of the classic ‘fancy’ biscuit tins in the collection, but it’s the more day to day product packaging that we gravitate towards.

Vintage Thermogene medicated wadding cardboard box | H is for Home

The interest that packaging generates for collectors comes for a variety of reasons. To start with, there’s the fabulous design and graphics which we love too.

Vintage Bishop's Move Tobacco tin | H is for Home

Then there’s the nostalgia factor; there’s such an amazing variety of products – some have fallen by the wayside, others have evolved into more updated versions. The same can be said of the manufacturers themselves.

Vintage Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes tin | H is for Home

It’s complete social history laid out before you.

Vintage Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes tin | H is for Home

Some items will be purely for display, others can still be used, such as the Blakey’s boot protectors. A perfect, authentic finishing touch to a vintage costume!

Vintage Blakey's Boot Protectors cardboard box with contents | H is for Home

Other pieces can be up-cycled for modern use. There are a thousand uses for storage tins of all sizes. They give you a little bit of pleasure every time you have to lift the lid.

Vintage Amovon Toe Caps tin | H is for Home

There were quite a few matchboxes in the lot. Justin is familiar with some of the boxes from his youth, but others date back over a hundred years – even he can’t remember those!

Trio of vintage matchboxes | H is for Home

These early Bryant & May’s Lion Matches are the star of the show. They’re actually Victorian in date – and still have the original matches inside; a rare survivor indeed!

Vintage Bryant & May's Lion matchbox | H is for Home

Even if you’re not actually going to use the products, a collection of vintage packaging makes such a wonderful display – both eye-catching and interesting. It looks great on a kitchen shelf or in a glass fronted case. You can even find old shop display cases which work really well.

Collection of vintage advertising packaging | H is for Home

In fact, when we look at them all grouped together, we’re a bit tempted to start a little collection ourselves – a couple of items might mysteriously disappear!

Kitchen storage tins

Vintage cream & green kitchen storage tins | H is for Home

We picked up some lovely kitchen storage tins this week – classic cream with green lids.

'biscuits' and 'cake' cream & green kitchen storage tins | H is for Home

It’s not often we find them in this quantity – a tin for every job!

'bread' cream & green kitchen storage tin | H is for Home

They’re very good quality with a nice weight to them.

4 large cream & green kitchen storage tins | H is for Home

There are two different types with differences in shade of green and lettering style. We’re not exactly sure of their age – we’ve had these tins dating anywhere from the 1920s to the present day. They have a timeless look and appeal that never goes out of fashion really.

'flour' and 'pasta' cream & green kitchen storage tins | H is for Home

They’ve just gone into our antiques centre space yesterday – this kind of item always looks good in there amongst the country furniture and other vintage kitchenalia… and it certainly makes an eye-catching display.

'cake decorating' cream & green kitchen storage tin | H is for Home

They’re easily packaged up & posted though, so drop us a line if you see anything you fancy – and we’ll go and intercept it before it sells in the shop.

'tea' 'coffee' and 'sugar' cream & green kitchen storage tins | H is for Home

Prices range from £10 to £30.

More from Millett and More

'More from Millett and More' blog post banner

Collection of Millet and More storage tins

Do you remember a while back we did a blog post featuring the fabulous food storage tins from millett and more? Well, Jill has kindly donated some of them as prizes to our readers.

Blue Millett and More cereal tin with a bowl of cereal

We’re really pleased to be able to offer these as a giveaway. We use our collection of tins on a daily basis – many times actually! We often start with cereal in the morning and use the spice and salt tins whenever we cook. They’re lovely designs and bring a touch of beauty to the everyday!

Millet and More spice and salt tins with food on a butcher's block

Our main winner will win a collection of four of the larger tins; comprising a white cereal tin, a blue cereal tin, a spice tin with blue letters and a spice tin with red/yellow letters. That’s not all! Two runners up will each win a pair of the small sliding salt tins (one of each design).

Millett and More salt storage tins

For your chance to win just tell us in the comments section, what is your favourite spice… or cereal?

Millett and More food storage tins

A multitude of tins!

'A multitude of tins!' blog post banner

Collection of Millet and More storage tins


This collection of lovely food storage tins was hand delivered to us this week.

Cereal storage tin from Millett and More | H is for Home

They were very kindly given to us by Jill from Millett and More.

Cereal storage tin from Millett and More | H is for Home

The collection consists of tins – great & small – to store cereal, spices and salt. Our porridge oats and granola now have smart new homes!

Spice storage tins from Millett and More | H is for Home

… and up until now, most of our spice collection has been stored in the plastic bags & bottles they came in – not any longer!

Spice storage tins with spices from Millett and More | H is for Home

It’s a very convenient item for the kitchen. No more scrabbling about in the cupboard for the various spices. Next time curry is on the menu, we can just grab our tin and get cooking.

Salt storage tins from Millett and More | H is for Home

These little salt tins are very sweet too – perfect for packed lunches and picnics. We love a sprinkle of sea salt on tomatoes, eggs and chips!

Salt storage tins with salt from Millett and More | H is for Home

We’ll be running a competition in the near future where some of these tins will be available to win. Many thanks again to Millett and More for their generosity!

Worcester Ware tins

'Worcester Ware tins' blog post baner

set of 3 vintage Worcester Ware storage tins with floral pattern

We treated ourselves to some new kitchen tins this week. Actually bought for us – intentionally bought with a specific purpose in mind – not stock that we’ve commandeered or filtered off to live with for a while!!

single vintage storage tin with floral pattern

These gorgeous 1960s tins with stylised flowers are our new tea, coffee & sugar receptacles.

base of vintage storage tin showing embossed Worcester Ware mark

They were made by Worcester Ware – another example of the lovely vintage metal ware that this company produced.

set of 3 vintage Worcester Ware storage tins with floral pattern with packets of sugar and coffee

We can now decant all our ugly refill packets into these pretty tins.

set of 3 vintage Worcester Ware storage tins with floral pattern with orange Kenwood kettle

We think the colours work well with others in the kitchen – slate, beech wood, cream cupboards & sink – and of course, bright orange walls.

Forthcoming Attractions: mid June 2012

"Forthcoming Attractions" blog post banner

selection of vintage items to be shortly added to the H is for Home shop including triangular corner shelf unit, desk lamps, bright yellow Habitat floor lamp, 1950s cream coloured storage tins, blue Hornsea ashtray, Hornsea "May" mug, red thermos flask, white Metamec wall clock, stainless steel tea strainer, "Gaybox" wall fitting, orange-handled aluminium colander and Scandinavian salad servers

Here’s a selection of recent vintage homeware purchases heading for our shop.

set of 1950s cream coloured kitchen storage tins with an orange-handled aluminium colander

We regularly come across these vintage aluminium colanders, but not often with groovy orange handles.

detail from a set of 1950s cream coloured kitchen storage tins

There are seven of these vintage metal containers. We think they’ve been repainted at some point – a long time ago and rather expertly it has to be said. The cream & dove grey colour combination is lovely.

vintage op art, red & white Thermos flask and vintage black & white Metamec clock

Next we have this drinks flask produced by Thermos.  So famous are this company for producing vacuum drinks flasks that most people actually call them Thermos flasks – in the same way people call vacuum cleaners ‘Hoovers’. This is a lovely example dating from the 1960s with a bold, graphic pattern in red & cream.

The clock dates from the same period. It was produced by another famous maker – this time Metamec. They produced this type of clock in many different colourways. They’re also well known for their sculptural starburst clocks.

vintage stainless steel tea strainer

This stainless steel tea strainer was made in Denmark. It’s neat & well designed – ideal if you’re a regular leaf tea drinker.

The Hornsea mug is one of a set celebrating the twelve months of the year. Each one features a couple occupied in typical activities for the month in question e.g. celebrating bonfire night in November, building snowmen in January, dodging rain showers in April and so on. This one’s for March and they’re being blown about in the wind.

blue vintage Hornsea Pottery ashtray

The ashtray‘s also by Hornsea – but a much simpler, geometric repeating pattern this time.

unmatching pair of vintage metal goose necked desk lamps

We have little & large of the desk lamp world. Well, the larger lamp isn’t that big, it’s just that the smaller one is very dinky indeed. They both have a really good mid century modern look. The larger of the two was produced by Anglepoise, the smaller by Tensor.

vintage "Gaybox" wall fitting in its original box

This wooden shelf system is so 1950s…

detail from a vintage "Gaybox" wall fitting in its original box

…not only the shape with its interlocking squares, but also the packaging – and its name of course – the “Gaybox”… wonderful!

vintage triangular corner shelf unit and bright yellow "Bobby" Habitat floor lamp

This corner unit also dates from the 50s – it would sit very nicely with blonde Ercol furniture. The bright yellow floor lamp is a much more recent product. It’s called the ‘Bobby’ lamp and is sold through Habitat.  We bought a pair in a recent house clearance auction. We like the colour, styling and functionality – in fact, Adelle’s been using it all week as her task light of choice for sewing.

set of vintage Danish teak & stainless steel salad servers

Finally, we have these salad servers in teak & stainless steel. These examples date from the 1960s, but are boxed & pristine. Great styling & quality materials – just a lovely piece of classic Danish design for everyday use.

All the items shown will be heading towards the website or antiques centre soon, but feel free to enquire about anything that particularly takes your fancy.