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Tuesday Huesday: Twig Hutchinson

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

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Twig Hutchinson styled room in shades of browns & creams

We’ve just stumbled across the work of Twig Hutchinson via the Bodie & Fou blog.

Twig is a stylist, designer and art director. She has an amazing eye – the look books on her website contain page after page of jaw dropping lovliness – sepia-toned, romantic, atmospheric shots that you could just dive right into!

Ideal Home Photoshoot

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

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photography light illuminating vintage Kenneth Townsend "London Series" tiles and other items on a shelf

In our last post we mentioned this week’s photoshoot of our home.

photography equipment in a pile on the floor of our sitting room

Photographer, Simon Whitmore and stylist, Sally Denning arrived on Wednesday morning laden down with loads of equipment – cameras, lenses, lights, light reflectors, computers – all essential kit to produce glossy magazine-quality images.

photography light illuminating a shelf in our sitting room with a view through to our kitchen and laundry area

There were hours of arranging, discussing and reviewing images. Our blog photos take us quite a bit of time, but this is a different world!

Photographer, Simon Whitmore and stylist, Sally Denning in our kitchen discussing photos

The house feature is for Ideal Home Magazine and will be published sometime in the Autumn.

Friday Folks – Kiera Buckley-Jones

Friday, February 10th, 2012

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three vintage Welsh wool blankets hanging from the wooden handrail of a humpback bridge

If we hadn’t started H is for Home, I (Adelle) would have loved to be an interiors stylist on a glossy homes magazine. This week’s Friday Folks interviewee, Kiera Buckley-Jones, is actually living (and working) that dream! We’ve known Kiera since the really early days of H is for Home and she regularly features our wares in her photo shoots. We were glad of this opportunity to find out a bit more about her working life.

green dotted horizontal line

Who are you & what do you do?
I’m Kiera Buckley-Jones and I’m the in-house stylist at Homes & Antiques magazine. This involves organising photo shoots, producing shopping pages and coming up with ideas of how to show antique and vintage collectables at their best.

portrait of Kiera Buckley-Jones

How did you get into the business?
I started by doing work experience at various homes magazines in London, which was a great opportunity to get some hands-on shoot experience. Through these placements I met a number of stylists who I then assisted over the years, learning on the job. When the opportunity came up at Homes & Antiques, it really was a dream position as I’ve always loved going to jumble sales, collecting and history; and now I get to combine all these interests in each feature/project I work on.

Homes and Antiques magazine logo

Who or what inspires you?

Old magazines and films are great reference tools. I’m also inspired by collectors (and I meet a lot of these), people who are passionate, knowledgeable and have dedicated their lives to their subject.

Selection of Mdina glass from a page in the March 2012 Homes and Antiques magazine
selection of Mdina Glass from the current (March 2012) issue of the Homes & Antiques magazine

What has been your greatest success?
It was tremendous fun working on the Hemingways’ Museum of 51 last summer at the Southbank. I was given the task of creating a Homes & Antiques 1950s living room to reflect the design of the period. I begun my research by looking at old footage of the Festival of Britain site at the Southbank and reading home improvement magazines of the early fifties. The room needed to reflect the optimism of the period, the colour and the sense of the ‘new’.

room set styled by Kiera Buckley-Jones from the at the "Museum of 51" exhibition curated by the Hemingways at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London

Have you got any advice for someone wanting to break into the business?
Get as much experience as you can, as you never know when it will come in handy. Not only will this help you develop your skills, you’ll also meet lots of contacts along the way.

three antique Welsh country chairs under a vintage wall map