Bag a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses

Win a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop | H is for Home

Happy New Year, people! Have you made any resolutions? Do you have any plans for 2017?

January is traditionally the time when people book their holidays. Either some last-minute winter skiing, some winter sunshine or a far-flung city break.

A selection of four sunglasses available at Sunglasses Shop | H is for Home

Whichever holiday you choose, you’ll need to pack your sunglasses in your hand luggage. Not got a pair? We can help you out of that situation! We’ve teamed up with Sunglasses Shop to offer one of our readers a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses*. (Please see the note below for the few models not included!)

To enter, visit the Ray-Ban page on the Sunglasses Shop website then return here to leave a comment below telling us which pair you’d like to win. It’s that simple! There are lots of other ways to increase your chances of winning – and this comp is open to our international readers too!

A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop

*Excludes polarised and prescription lenses and titanium and aluminium frames

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Gimme Five! Reading sunglasses

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Selection of five reading sunglasses

Here I am, writing this post as I sit in the garden on a warm, sunny day. I’m wearing a pair of reading glasses with a pair of sunglasses over the top. I have to admit, it’s not the best look I’ve ever rocked. I’m not too proud or vain to say it… I look a complete fool.

If I only wear my sunglasses, I can’t read what I’m writing; if I only wear my glasses, I can’t see the screen for the glare. There’s only one thing for it – a pair of reading sunglasses. The decision is, do I go for cheap & cheerful, off-the-shelf – they’ll mainly be for wearing in the garden – or do I shell out for a decent pair with my proper prescription?

I spend up to 18 hours per day staring at various screens. And besides, I’ve completely fallen for the London Retro Caine pair (#5). They may be a bit steep at £95, but you get a second pair free – so a pair of glasses glasses and a pair of reading sunglasses!

  1. Large mock tortoiseshell reading sunglasses: £15, Marks and Spencer
  2. DiMarco plastic ready-made reading sunglasses: £44, SpeckyFourEyes
  3. EE Collection 10860: £79, Exclusive Eyes
  4. Sight Station Munro tortoiseshell reading sunglasses: £20, Debenhams
  5. London Retro, Caine: £95, Glasses Direct

Charity Vintage: Scrivens clip on sunglasses

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vintage Scrivens clip on sunglasses for sale on eBay for Charity in support of St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield
(ends 04 Aug, 2013 20:06:22 BST)

I could have done with these vintage Scrivens clip on sunglasses a few times in the past few weeks. My reading glasses don’t have photo chromatic lenses so I had the choice between sitting in the garden to enjoy the sunshine OR sitting indoors to work on my laptop. There would have enabled me to do both.

They’re very reminiscent of the 50s & 60s – I can just imagine them being worn by Don Draper or Harry Palmer. They’re being sold on eBay for Charity in support of St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield* and have a starting price of just £4.99.

St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield cares for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have incurable illnesses. They aim to control their symptoms, alleviate pain and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge.

Wednesday Wish: 12 October 2011

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Vintage-inspired 'Adore' oversized designer sunglasses available from 80's Purple

‘Adore’ oversized 80s Purple sunglasses – $10 US

It took YEARS of trial & error to find the right kind of sunglasses that suit the shape of my face. Much as I love the quintessential Ray-Ban Aviators, Wayfarers and those little John Lennon circular ones – they just don’t look right on me. My face needs those massive Jackie O-types that are thankfully fashionable at the moment!

These vintage-inspired 80sPurple ones are just the ticket and are available in a range of colours – and at only $10, I can afford to get one of each!