Charity Vintage: Tala flour sifter

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vintage Tala flour sifter for sale by & in support of British Heart Foundation(ends 19 Feb, 2014 20:03:04 GMT)

I really should invest in a flour sifter! When I’m weighing out flour, I sit a handled sieve precariously on a mixing bowl which itself sits on a set of scales. As I spoon a mound of flour into the sieve it invariably tips up and flour ends up all over the table.

This vintage Tala flour sifter being sold on eBay for Charity by & in support of British Heart Foundation* would really simplify & improve proceedings. Lovely aerated flour = lovely aerated cakes!

*British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity. They help save lives with information, patient care and pioneering research. With your support, they’re beating heart disease for good.

Wednesday Wish: Tala Cook’s Curry Measure

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Tala cook's curry measure available from Amazon

Have you been watching Rick Stein’s India that’s currently on BBC2? He’s touring India tasting & making the most fantastic looking curries.

We cook & eat a fair few curries and the programme has got me wanting a few curry-making kitchen implements.I’m going to start with this Tala Cook’s Curry Measure (in orange of course!) Each of the curries I’ve seen made on the show starts with a pungent mix of spices – cardamom, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin, curry leaves, turmeric and one that I’d never even heard of before – asafoetida.

The measure gives you the right proportions for making the different spice mixes for chapatis, biryani, rice, pakora, butter chicken, raita, dahl, aloo gobi, jalfrezi and murgh methi.

Also on the wish list is a karahi (or kadai) – one of those vast, circular cast iron pots with handles; a vaghar vadki or tadka (tarka) pan which is used to gently fry the spices in before they’re added to the the curry; and a tava (or tawa) – a flat, circular griddle for making all manner of flatbreads. One item at a time I think!

Jubilee Gems!

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Union Jack flag in the H iss for Home colours

For the past month or so everywhere you look there’s been bucket-loads of special commemorative things being produced for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There’s a lot of tat out there, but there are some future classics too!

Here’s a rundown of our top ten…

Alison Gardiner Golden Jubilee commemorative china tableware available at John LewisEmma Bridgewater Union Jack pottery comport
Alison Gardiner tableware: £12.95-£69.95 | Emma Bridgewater comport: £75

Think jubilee… think garden and street parties – this fabulous crockery will do any gingham cloth-covered trestle table proud!

Red Jubilee English Breakfast tea tin from Liberty of LondonPrestat Jubilee box of truffles
Liberty of London English breakfast tea tin: £7.50 | Prestat truffles: £29.99

If you’re going to be watching the festivities on television from the comfort of your sofa, the combination of this English breakfast tea & truffle chocs will help keep your energy levels up!

FieldCandy Rule Britannia tentFulton Union Jack Funbrella unbrella
FieldCandy tent: £395 | Fulton funbrella umbrella: £12

You may be planning on spending the Jubilee weekend in the great outdoors. How better to nail your colours to the mast than with this fabulous two-person tent? Just don’t forget your brolly – you can never rely on the Great British weather!

Barbour Beacon backpackRadley Large Tote Bag
Barbour Beacon backpack: £205 | Radley tote bag: £99

And to carry your stuff on your travels during this extended bank holiday, a couple of patriotic bags –  for him & her.

Tala Union Jack cook's dry measureGreat British Street Party Cook Book by Nancy Lambert available from Amazon
Tala cook’s measure £8 | Great British Street Party Cookbook: from £3.62

And if you’ll be having a Great British Bake Off of your own this cook’s measure will make calculating your ingredients that more enjoyable! And how about impressing the neighbours with your culinary prowess with the help of this cookbook?

Forthcoming Attractions: Early June 2011

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collection of recently acquired H is for Home shop stock including a Suzie Cooper coffee set, Cathrineholm Lotus frying pan, Tala cake tin, orange goose necked desk lamp and checked picnic blanket

We’ve got lots of green & orange this week!

collection of recently acquired H is for Home shop stock including a Suzie Cooper coffee set, Cathrineholm Lotus frying pan, Tala cake tin, orange goose necked desk lamp and checked picnic blanket

Star of the show has to be this 1950s Susie Cooper coffee set. We love the simple swirl pattern.

collection of recently acquired H is for Home shop stock including a Suzie Cooper coffee set, Cathrineholm Lotus frying pan, Tala cake tin, orange goose necked desk lamp and checked picnic blanket

Also a Cathrineholm frying pan in tip-top condition.. .a lovely woollen blanket, perfect for picnics or for extra cosiness when the sun goes down… and a very useful adjustable lamp for bedside or office. We also bought a job lot of nice vintage kitchenware including the 1950s enamel jug & funnel made in Sweden.

We’ve divided the items up –  some we put on the website yesterday – others have been packed away for the vintage fair we’re doing at Saltaire in early July – perhaps see you there!

Forthcoming Attractions: May 2011

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new items at H is for Home, May 2011 including vintage Arabia plate, 1950s aluminium flour, sugar and cereal storage tins, T G Green pottery storage jars and green pottery fish plate

Here are some of our favourite recent purchases – picked up at auction & flea markets over the past couple of weeks.

new items at H is for Home, May 2011 including vintage child's sewing machine in original box, Hornsea pottery owl mug and aluminium measuring cup

Items range from a 19th century country Windsor chair to 1970s alarm clock. There’s some lovely pottery including a large Arabia plate and 1950s handpainted pieces by Glyn Colledge. Also a nice selection of vintage kitchenalia and the best child’s sewing machine we’ve ever come across! For a full listing see below.

selection of new vintage items 1n the H is for Home shop

  1. antique stickback Windsor chair
  2. Campden Pottery dish decorated with an incised cockerel figure
  3. child’s 1950s Vulcan sewing machine
  4. trio of 1970s T G Green tea, coffee & sugar containers
  5. aluminium measuring cup
  6. wooden perpetual desk calendar
  7. Hornsea Pottery owl mug
  8. large Arabia plate designed by Raija Uosikkinen
  9. hand painted Glyn Colledge/Langley Pottery vase
  10. lemon yellow alarm clock
  11. vintage 1950s Tala aluminium flour, sugar and cereal canisters
  12. striped pottery oil/vinegar pot
  13. handmade Eldfast Hoganas Keramik fish plate
  14. hand painted Glyn Colledge/Denby Pottery atomic pin dish
  15. atomic, wall mountable wire plant pot holder

We’re hoping to make this a regular post. It will enable us preview items about to hit the shop – and also share with you photos of goodies that might just take that bit longer to be prised away.

U is for… Utensils

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group shot of vintage kitchen utensils | H is for Home

We’re taking a look at vintage utensils this week – those useful, kitchen tools from the humble wooden spoon to the wonderfully named kitchemajig.

No kitchen should be without a wooden spoon  – preferably a few.

antique wooden dairy bowl and spoon | H is for Home

They come in a wide variety of sizes, have multiple uses, they don’t scratch pots & pans… and also develop a lovely character over years of use.

We keep ours in this lovely, old wooden rack…

antique wooden spoon holder | H is for Home

… another potful next to the stove…

vintage stoneware utensil jar with utensils | H is for Home

…and still more hanging from this ancient iron well hook.

group of utensils hanging from antique iron well hook | H is for Home

It’s useful having them close at hand wherever we happen to be working in the kitchen. There’s always the perfect spoon for a particular job.

This one has such a wonderful patina that it’s now been retired from general use and sits happily on a shelf enjoying its life of leisure… with a pair of child’s antique wooden clogs for company!

vintage wooden spoon with small antique clogs on mantlepiece | H is for Home

Of course kitchen tools don’t stop with the wooden spoon… there are palette knives, ladles, forks, fish slices, whisks etc.

Some utensils are multi-functional, like the aforementioned kitchemajig…

vintage kitchemajig | H is for Home

…others have very specific uses such as the tomato slicer, butter curler and pastry blender.

vintage Prestige tomato slicer | H is for Home

vintage butter curler | H is for Home

vintage pastry blender | H is for Home

Do rolling pins count as utensils?

vintage Pyrex glass rolling pin | H is for Home

We think they probably do – made from wood, pottery, marble, or in the case of this Pyrex example, glass.

The heyday for utensils – well our favourite era at least – was the 1950s & 60s. Names such as Skyline, Prestige & Tala.

Chrome & stainless steel tools mounted on lovely painted wooden handles available in a rainbow of colours.

detail of colourful vintage utensil handles | H is for Home

They’re a great way of adding a vintage touch to an otherwise contemporary kitchen. They look good in sets of the same colour…

set of orange vintage kitchen utensils | H is for Home

…or mixed & matched.

set of vintage multi-coloured kitchen utensils | H is for Home

We picked up this wonderful set recently – boxed and with its original hanging rack. One small problem though, someone was obviously in desperate need of the lipped, oval spoon… and removed it.

set of red vintage skyline utensils | H is for Home

We’re now on a quest for a 50-year-old lipped spoon, in pristine condition, in the right colours – no easy task!

We’ve got boxes full of coffee services short of one cup, storage jars waiting for matching lids and cutlery sets missing the odd knife or teaspoon. It’s all a matter of keeping your eyes open and being patient.

We’re currently relishing reading through a huge pile of 1950s/60 Ideal Home magazines, they’re full of fantastic ads for furniture, fabrics and housewares, including the odd one for kitchen utensils…

…like these for Tala and Prestige.

vintage Prestige utensils magazine advertisement | H is for Home

By coincidence, just as we were writing this post, we sold this lovely Prestige set with their classic 1950s, diamond-patterned handles.

vintage 1950s Prestige utensil set | H is for Home

If you manage to find one that you love, a kitchen utensil is of those wonderful items that can give you a little bit of pleasure every time you use it – have you got a favourite?