Eva chair

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Vintage Eva chair by Koefoeds Hornslet of Denmark with Scandinavian Design book and orange throw

We’ve chosen a piece of vintage Danish furniture for this week’s favourite buy.

Vintage Eva chair by Koefoeds Hornslet of Denmark

This Eva carver armchair was designed by Niels Koefoed in 1964.

back of a vintage Eva chair by Koefoeds Hornslet of Denmark

The chair is made of teak with a plain, black, leatherette seat. It has a strong mid century modern look just standing bare, but we also like the addition of a bold colour throw or cushion. Orange always works well!

paper label on a vintage Eva chair by Koefoeds Hornslet of Denmark

 Its condition is very good and it’s fully stamped and labelled to the underside.

Koefoeds Hornslet maker's mark on a vintage Eva chair

It’s very elegant and would work well as a dining, office or occasional chair. As with most of our furniture buys, it’s on its way to our antiques centre space, but you’re welcome to collect or have a courier pick it up. The price is £125, but we could knock off the twenty five if it helps with the petrol costs!

Charity Vintage: Gate leg drop leaf table

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Vintage gate leg drop leaf table(ends 05 Jun, 2015 15:06:29 BST)

Emmaus Bristol* currently has for sale this vintage teak gate leg drop leaf table. It’s a really practical & useful table; for either daily or occasional use. It comfortably sits 6 people when extended but, when needed, it can collapse down to a width of a mere 21.5cm – ueful if you’re short on space!

The central panel has lightened with age noticeably more than the leaves. It should be a fairly straightforward DIY sand & stain job to match them up again. Other than that, it’s in good condition.

It’s a ‘buyer to collect’ item, but Emmaus are happy to deliver (for a fee) within Bristol city limits if you happen to be local.

*Emmaus Bristol is part of a worldwide charitable organisation that helps individuals, who for a vast variety of reasons have become homeless or are facing homelessness. The charity here in Bristol collects donated household effects and sells them through our three shops. We sell furniture, electricals, clothing, bric-a-brac and bicycles. This provides work for our companions which generates money that goes towards relieving the burden and stigma of income support. Also providing a safe living environment, until such time as the individual is able to move onto independent living. Emmaus, through solidarity also works with other local and international charities.

Mid century companion set

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stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

We bought this fabulous 1950s/60s coal bucket & matching fireside companion set last week. Although there’s a good selection of great looking sets being manufactured today, we don’t come across many stylish examples from this period.

tools from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set coal bucket from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

The only other ones that spring to mind are a couple of atomic sets that we sold many years ago. They’re usually very traditional looking affairs, often made of heavy brass, copper or wrought iron – this one is altogether more mid century modern in design.

stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

It’s made of stainless steel with teak detailing. It was filthy when we bought it, but metal polish, wood oil and elbow grease has improved it no end. It’s heading off to our antiques centre space later on this week.

Chair redo in blue

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4 teak chair carcasses

This set of chairs has been sitting in storage for some time awaiting a bit of TLC!

ripped seat cover on a teak chair

We’ve been taking advantage of the lovely weather to do a series of ‘doing up’ jobs in the garden.

underside of the seat cover on a teak chair

The wood needed bringing back to life and the seat covers desperately needed replacing.

original cream coloured seat cover on a teak chair

We decided to use some of this lovely vintage blue fabric dating from the 1960s – a perfect age match. It was part of our mammoth fabric haul  from a few years ago.

vintage blue upholstery fabric

Adelle set about the upholstery whilst Justin treated the wooden frames.

bottle of teak oil

We’re very happy with the results – the chairs are now ready for some mid century modern dining action!

vintage teak chair recovered in vintage blue upholstery fabric

The wood has come up beautifully – a rich, teak colour with fabulous grain. And we love the striking electric blue to contrast.

stack of vintage teak chairs recovered in vintage blue upholstery fabric

We’ve just put them in the antiques centre. They obviously take up quite a bit of space so we’ve priced them to sell. If you can pick up from West Yorkshire they’re available at £75  for the set of four!

Telephone table

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vintage teak telephone table with green GPO telephone and stack of books

We picked up a lovely little piece of furniture recently – this Chippy telephone table made in the 1960s.

vintage teak telephone table with seat pulled out and green GPO telephone and stack of books

Made of teak, it has cool, mid century modern looks. There’s a main cubbyhole which would have housed the big telephone directory – remember those? A neat, green leatherette pull-out stool sits underneath – also a small drawer and a ‘Memory Slide’ for jotting down phone numbers.

vintage teak telephone table with green GPO telephone and stack of books

The rise of mobile phones & Skype calls have reduced the need for landlines, but most people still have them. If your phone is balanced precariously on a windowsill or pile of magazines, this could be just the thing… and the absolute perfect home for a vintage phone if you have one. We’ve just put it in our antiques centre pitch – let us know if you’re interested.

Charity Vintage: 7ft McIntosh sideboard

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vintage Mcintosh sideboard being sold on eBay for Charity in support of St Vincent Support Centre
(ends 8 Jan, 2014 13:22:58 GMT)

St Vincent Support Centre in Leeds regularly gets hold of wonderful bits of mid-century modern furniture. This 7ft teak McIntosh sideboard is no exception. The ‘buy it now’ price is £245, but they’re open to offers. They even offer delivery to London for £60.

*St Vincent’s is part of the international charity, the St Vincent de Paul Society, and exists to promote self-sufficiency by building bridges of support and creating opportunities that enhance the quality of life for those deprived of income, employment, education, social networks and community support. They offer a wide range of services to people who need it most, including free debt advice, counselling, free adult learning, and volunteering/training placements for unemployed and adults with special needs.