Top tips to update your teen’s bedroom

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Teenager's bedroom with an orange colour schemeImage credit: Sergi Mengot

Kids, they grow up so fast! Before you know it, building blocks and soft toys are just a distant memory. Colouring-in pens turn into make-up sets; Lego cars turn into skateboards. And the adorable, pint-sized children’s furniture they once loved no longer has a place in your home. As your little ones develop into their teen years and early adulthood, it’s important that you give them the independence they crave.

Every child’s bedroom is their safe haven, a place where their creativity and inner confidence can be nurtured. So it’s important that as parents, you can create a safe and inspiring place for young teenagers. Here are some quick tips on updating a teen’s bedroom.

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Upgrade their bedroom furniture

From 12 years old and onwards, it’s not uncommon for children to want a more grown up space. Small updates to the furniture can make a big difference. If you’re not ready to invest in a double bed for your teenage son or daughter, or you don’t have enough room for a full size bed, you can find small double beds which are ideal for this transition period. (Visit Bedz R Us to find out more).

If you can’t afford to update furniture such as a wardrobe, bookshelf or a chest of drawers, a great tip is to update them with new finishes. Replace old wardrobe door handles, give the furniture a new lick of paint, or customise it using découpage from old magazines.

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Choose a new colour scheme

It can be a confusing time being a teenager; part of you still finds solace in childhood comforts and the other half is desperate to grow up. So the decorating theme in your teenager’s bedroom needs to be a good halfway house. Try experimenting with different colour schemes. Monochrome is sophisticated and slick, but add a splash of hot pink or midnight blue to inject some youthfulness into the theme. Replace the bed linen and introduce some slightly more mature and refined decorative items into the room. Find out how to choose the perfect colour theme for your teenager in this UKTV article.

Teenager's bedroom wallpapered with Polaroid pictures

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Create a stimulating environment

It’s no secret that teenagers spend most of their time in their rooms – this is just the way of the world! So it’s important that a teen’s bedroom is a stimulating and interesting environment. Encourage their interests and hobbies and help them to learn new things. For music lovers, encourage instruments or music players. For art lovers, encourage them to help decorate their own walls. Or for photography enthusiasts, give them the confidence boost by incorporating their work on the walls. Here are some super cool ways to decorate using photographs from