Price Points: Terracotta planters

Terracotta planters | H is for Home

We’ve been doing lots of potting on in the garden in the past couple of weeks. With all the dividing and repotting of our hostas and astilbies and moving seedlings up a size we’re running out of pots.

We have lots & lots of little pots – the ones that are perfect for planting seeds into. What we’re desperately in need of are a few large terracotta planters for the more mature plants. Ones that are about 2ft/65cm tall and wide.

We prefer our plant pots to be real terracotta – not terracotta-coloured plastic – and we like them with minimal decoration. The three different examples above are the best of what we found on the internet for our needs.

As you can see, there’s quite a range in price. Much as we love the shape and mellow colour of the Apollo (#3), we can’t really afford to splash out on a few of those! The cheapest, from Homebase, will have to suffice – and then let them age & weather naturally outside. They are frost-resistant which is a desirable quality – we’ve lost quite a few terracotta pots over the last few years due to the long cold snaps that can happen here in the Pennines.

  1. Rolled rim antique terracotta plant pot (62cm): £60, Homebase
  2. Ceramic terracotta plain planter (67 x 60cm): £163.99, Amazon
  3. Apollo terracotta planter (65cm x 65cm): £295, Pots and Pithoi

Home Tones: Terracotta

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Armchair in front of a wood-burning stovecredit

This week’s Home Tone is terracotta. We’re sticking with the natural material for our images – whether it be floor tiles, brickwork or pots. This is our favourite use of the colour, particularly when it’s aged or weathered. The baked clay of terracotta comes in various shades from light & chalky to dark orange, but they all tend to have a warm, natural feel. It works really well with creams and greens – and other natural materials such as sea grass and cane – and pale woods such as light oak or beech.

Red brick garden shedcredit

terracotta feature wall and floor in a kitchencredit

Urban roof terrace with red brick feature wall and terracotta planterscredit

Blue painted fitted kitchen with red brick stove alcove and terracotta floorcredit

sitting room with light coloured terracotta floorcredit

fruit trees in giant terracotta pots on a patiocredit

dining room with red brick wall with large painting of wooden spoonscredit

G is for… Garden

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photo of our garden with vintage floral sun lounger | H is for Home

Our small Pennine garden has woken up – well, started to at least! We’ve been out at the weekend sweeping, potting up seeds, planting strawberries and some colourful annuals.

strawberries growing in our garden | H is for Home colourful annuals in our garden | H is for Home

We have lots of shady corners, so hostas and astilbes do really well.

astilbes growing in pots | H is for Home hostas growing in posts and vintage dolly tubs | H is for Home

Ferns like it here too – we’re really fond of these little ones which self-seed and sprout from the old stone walls.

ferns growing between stone bricks in a wall | H is for Home ferns growing in pots and between stone bricks in a wall | H is for Home

self seeding clover type plant | H is for Home

This is another self-seeder. It can take over a bit if left unchecked, but if it’s restricted within pots and cracks between paving it looks wonderful – the bright green leaves and pretty white flowers really lift the shaded areas… and it’s always good to get plants for free!

We have a little project for the summer, renovating this little, old greenhouse which was about to be thrown on the tip. It’s a house in the loosest sense of the word – being only about 4 feet wide. We’ll try not to lose any of its shabby charm, but if it doesn’t get some TLC soon it will fall to pieces.

vintage mini-greenhouse | H is for Home

We love these bits of metalware in the garden – old dolly tubs, buckets and watering cans.

vintage galvanised metal dolly tub | H is for Home large pottery urn | H is for Home

Also the drainpipe hoppers which look lovely when the flowers start to spill over.

old cast iron hoppers being used as plant pots | H is for Home

We’ve got our seating arrangements sorted out, picking up a Victorian cast iron bench over the winter.

Victorian garden bench | H is for Home

Also a more portable 1960s metal & plastic weave chair… and this fab 70s floral lounger.

old dandycord chair | H is for Home vintage 1970s floral sun lounger | H is for Home

The birds are well catered for…

hanging bird feeder full of peanuts | H is for Home stone bird table | H is for Home

Although its about time they started to find their own food now.

We’ve made a good start, but there’s plenty left to do… and Fudge is always happy to supervise proceedings.

Fudge the dog asleep in the garden | H is for Home

It’s nice to be able to sit back and survey work done so far though… and plan the next move from our strategic headquarters.

garden shed | H is for Home