Price Points: Push pins

Sets of push pins | H is for Home

We’ve finally put up a notice board in our slowly-coming-along home office. We’ve collected some lovely postcards over the years and can’t wait to display them. They’re currently sitting in a pile because we don’t have anything to stick them up with – we don’t have any push pins.

Why have plain, run-of-the-mill drawing pins when there are so many quirky, eye-catching examples out there from which to choose? I love the bumble bee ones, but perhaps they’re a little too cute. The cast concrete computer keyboard keys are really fun and would be perfect for an office environment.

  1. Pack of 20 bumble bee push pins: £4.50, Etsy
  2. Pack of 20 dart push pins: £9.99, Amazon
  3. Concrete keyboard push pins – set of six by PASiNGA: £9.99, Notonthehighstreet