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Vintage Galt Toys puzzle game | H is for Home

We bought a small box of vintage learning games last week – and amongst them was this gorgeous traffic puzzle that we just had to share.

Detailed view of vintage Galt Toys puzzle game | H is for Home

It was made by Galt Toys in the 1960s, a company that produced some of our absolute favourite toys from this era. The colours & graphics are wonderful.

Detailed view of vintage Galt Toys puzzle game showing the car | H is for Home Detailed view of vintage Galt Toys puzzle game showing the removal van | H is for Home

Detailed view of vintage Galt Toys puzzle game showing the caravan | H is for Home Detailed view of vintage Galt Toys puzzle game showing the caravan | H is for Home

You can remove some of the vehicle pieces to see what’s going on inside – the contents of the delivery van, the caravan’s interior or the passengers on the coach!

Detailed view of vintage Galt Toys puzzle game showing the bus | H is for Home

It’s very charming – one of those finds that will be hard to part with!

Meccano Machines

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Meccano bus, lorry and aeroplane

We picked up these gorgeous Meccano models at auction recently – a lorry, a bus and a plane.

red and green lorry

They’re very charming – a little play worn and full of character.

blue aeroplane

They’re pretty big actually – the largest measures 60 centimetres in length. They look great on a shelf – adding a playful, vintage industrial touch – to either a kid’s or grown-up’s room!

red and green bus

The lorry and aeroplane will be available on our website soon; the bus has found a free parking space in our lounge!

Charity Vintage: Vintage Playmobil set

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vintage Playmobil figures for sale on eBay for Charity in support of Action 21
(ends 13 Jun, 2013 16:14:28 BST)

When I saw these little vintage Playmobil figures I was immediately whisked back to being five years old. I would have been thrilled to wake up on Christmas morning and to have unwrapped this hoard! I only had a couple of figures a nurse, a construction worker, a little car I think – but I spent HOURS making up little stories and scenarios. Imagine how long this lot would keep you occupied for! The set is being sold in aid of Action 21.

Who’s for a game of Cowboys & Indians… and, er Crusaders?

*Action 21 promotes sustainable living to people in Warwickshire through positive practical action. Our activities centre on re-use, food, transport, energy and education and we are supported by a thriving volunteer programme.

Christmas Countdown: Conran Shop

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selection of festive Christmas items for sale at the Conran Shop

1. Sirch sledge | 2. Biscuiteers Christmas toys tin

3. gingerman USB stick | 4. decorative tin carousel

5. True Grace fig candle | 6. Forges de Laguiole ham knife & leather roll

This is the first of a new, month-long series of posts featuring a hand-picked assortment of Christmas goodies – for the home, for friends & family… and yourself!

We’re kicking off with the Conran Shop – one of our “must visit” shops on our all too infrequent trips down to London.

Housing Stock

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three vintage hand painted wooden houses

These were an interesting little buy last week.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with red roof and door

A group of three vintage handmade toy houses.

detail of blue vintage wooden house detail of yellow vintage wooden house

They’re constructed of ply around a solid block of wood – then painted.

underside of handmade hand painted wooden house

We’re not sure when they date from, although they obviously have a bit of age – 1940s/50s probably.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with yellow roof & door

We love these naive toys and folk art.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with blue roof & door

Probably made by dad or grandad for a young child… very sweet!

Child’s Play

We bought a huge pile of vintage Ladybird books this week. They’re fabulous little books, designed to educate & entertain children of all ages.

We really enjoyed having a browse through them all. Having grown up with them it’s been a very nostalgic trip.

They cover an amazing variety of subjects…

…science & nature…

…careers & occupations…

…fairytales etc, etc, etc.

The wonderful illustrations have a distinctive “Ladybird” look despite being produced by a variety of artists.

Names such as John Berry, Roland Green and C F Tunnicliffe to name but three.

It’s not surprising that there’s a keen collectors’ market amongst adults too.

For more things Ladybird check out these websites:

The Wee Web
Vintage Ladybird
Official Ladybird website
Easy on the Eye
Fly Away Home

We’ve added the books to other items of stock that we’re accumulating for a new section on our website.

It’s going to be called Child’s Play, and as the name suggests, it will consist of lots of children’s vintage items.

In addition to books, there’ll be vintage toys & games…

…money boxes & tins…

…and bits & pieces to decorate nurseries, play rooms & bedrooms.

We should have gathered enough stuff to add the new section in the autumn – so watch this space!