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We’re signed up to the 365 Poster Blog rss feed and last week they wrote an eye-catching post about Abner Graboff, a children’s book and LP illustrator. We decided that we had to investigate his work further as we’d never heard of him or seen his work.

There aren’t that many websites on the internet that have information about him. However, the one person that does is someone we’ve been mutually following for years on different social streams – illustrator & animator, Ward Jenkins. He too came across some designs by Abner Graboff and proceeded to find out more. In 2009, he managed to track down Graboff’s son, Jon and interviewed him. Go visit, there’s lots of primary material and many more images.

Seeing as he’s American, vintage books that he illustrated are mostly available on the USA Amazon website.

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World Dolls Series: Spain

'World Dolls Series' blog post banner

Vintage World Dolls Series: Spain book cover

We’ve reached Spain – and the end of our journey in the World Dolls Series.

World Dolls Series: inside Spain book cover

Just to recap for any latecomers, this charming set of children’s books written by Irene Dark has taken us on a trip through twelve European countries – our doll hosts guiding the way. The books are wonderfully illustrated by a variety of artists. For this final edition it’s the turn of J. Sirr from the Birmingham School of Design.

Map of Spain

Carmen & Juan are taking care of us in Spain. They scrub up well don’t they?

Juan & Carmen, dolls from Spain Juan & Carmen in their Flamenco dress

As the book says, “Spain is a land of hot sunshine. a land of dance and song”.

Street musicians in Spain

We’re barely off the coach and we’re shaking our stuff to the percussion band!

Carmen's house

We’re staying in a traditional Spanish house which is very pretty. Girls in the beds, boys on mats on the floor!

Working in a vineyard

There’s more farming to do – we’ve done our fair share on this trip! It’s grapes, olives, cork and pigs here in Spain.

group of pigs

We’re not complaining. We like earning our keep – and what better way to experience life in each country? And it’s not as if it’s been work, work, work – we’ve skied, skated, sailed, swam, danced, shopped & gone sightseeing.

men on mules

We’re getting all misty-eyed now – what a journey we’ve had. Wonderful sights and lovely people (dolls).

Siesta time in Spain

But all good things must come to an end – and what a beautiful place to rest and reminisce. We’ve sold the coach and have bought a couple of donkeys. We’re staying in Spain for the foreseeable future.

Beach in Spain

You’ll find us here on the beach with our jug of Sangria – staring out at the blue sea & sky. The odd swim to cool off, a light lunch perhaps. Let us know if there’s anything urgent.

                      GONE FISHING – H IS FOR HOME x