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Monthly Mood Board: Copper Top

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

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selection of 10 copper homewares including lamps, clocks, tiles, paint and kitchen utensils

Warm copper tones never go completely out of fashion for interior design; but it’s fair to say it’s been a little overlooked for 30 years or so. It was very popular in the 1960s & 70s, but fell out favour a bit. But, as with most things, trends are cyclical – and copper is certainly back in a big way again – magazines are full of this wonderful shimmering metal.

  1. NUD Aqua lights – Nud Collection
  2. Ball desk light – £105.00, Heal’s
  3. House Doctor copper mesh basket 24cm – £99.00, Selfridges
  4. Vintage pendent lampshade – £25, H is for Home
  5. Accord copper bronze mosaic tiles 15x15mm – £192.93/m2, Topps Tiles
  6. Hammerite 5084822 metal paint: Hammered Copper 250ml – £7.27, Amazon
  7. Vintage Smiths alarm clock – £25, H is for Home
  8. Copper tri-ply pans – from £16.99, Lakeland
  9. Round cookie cutter – £4, John Lewis
  10. Vintage starburst clock – £75, H is for Home

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Forthcoming Attractions: Mid August 2013

Monday, August 19th, 2013

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selection of vintage homewares at H is for Home including white goose neck desk lamp, US Advertising sign for Alox shoelaces, trio of 1950s counting & alphabet picture books, orange electric food processor, potato masher and chocolate biscuit tin

We’ve picked up a varied selection of interesting, vintage bits & bobs at this week’s Thursday flea market. They’ll be going into our shop very soon.

vintage US cardboard advertising sign for Alox shoelaces

You probably couldn’t help but notice the HUGE shoe in the background of the group shot – it’s a vintage American advertising sign for Alox shoelaces.

orange & white vintage electric food grinder

Orange kitchen appliances and vintage utensils are always sure-fire winners so we always pick them up when we come across them.

trio of vintage 1950s nursery rhymes, ABC and counting picture books

These vintage 1950s children’s reading & counting books are in such excellent condition. Apparently the original owner was an ex-nursery school teacher who made sure her charges took great care with them!

illustration from vintage 1950s children's alphabet book showing "H is for hot cross buns"

We’ve always been adamant that H is for “Home” – but apparently not. H is for “Hot Cross Buns” and don’t they look delicious ones?

white vintage goose neck desk lamp

Vintage desk lamps are also a hit with our customers. We’ve had this particular design of lamp many times over the years – great shape & very functional. Perfect for the home office or bedside table.

vintage Christmas chocolate biscuit tin

Our favourite item this week is probably this vintage chocolate biscuit tin. The Christmas-y illustration is delightful and it’s in tremendous condition.

Forthcoming Attractions: Mid July 2013

Friday, July 12th, 2013

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selection of vintage homewares including an orange & white Thermos vacuum flask, Worcesterware coasters, enamel chamber pot and Siegwerk kettle

We’ve picked up lots of great vintage homeware items recently – the majority of which are now available on our website.

selection of vintage homewares including a large vintage industrial anglepoise lamp, crocheted blanket, West German bowl of square form, green metal table, orange & white Thermos vacuum flask, Worcesterware coasters, enamel chamber pot and Siegwerk kettle

Lots of coloured enamel & metal ware with various stylised flower & Op-art designs – kettles, flasks and coasters amongst them. The brightly coloured theme continues with a lovely crocheted bedspread one of three that we’ve recently acquired. It’s beautifully crafted – and pretty huge. We’re psyching ourselves up for the job of hand washing them!

selection of vintage homewares including an orange & white Thermos vacuum flask, Worcesterware coasters, enamel chamber pot and Siegwerk kettle

This bowl has a classic 1950s look in terms of shape, design and colour way. The combination of yellow, grey & black is typical of the era – the perfect piece to dress a mid century modern sideboard or table.

selection of vintage industrial industrial lamps and green metal table

And last but not least some fabulous pieces of industrial vintage including cage task lights and probably the biggest & best industrial lamp we’ve ever seen!

Fab Sale

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

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Our Fab sale has been under way for a mere 6 hours but we’ve already had lots of sales. We didn’t know what to expect – but we’re very happy… and relieved. We spent such a long time selecting the items, photographing them, logging them in Fab’s spreadsheet; we wondered if all that effort would be worth it. So far, so good – we’ll report back in a week’s time!

screenshot of H is forHome's Fab Sale webpage

Forthcoming Attractions: Mid March 2013

Monday, March 11th, 2013

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selection of vintage homewares including Babysham party pack in original packaging, red enamel Finel coffee pot designed by Anti Nurmesniemi, Arabia milk jug, pair of staplers, trio of milk bottles, Figgjo Flint Turi Daisy cup & saucer, set of tin drink coasters and trio of Altenkunstadt pottery vases designed by Cari Zalloni

Here’s a selection of vintage homewares that we added to the H is for Home webshop this weekend.

vintage Arabia milk jug and Figgjo Flint Turi Daisy cup & saucer

Some lovely Scandinavian pieces for kitchen/dining including the cow milk jug produced by Arabia and the Daisy cup & saucer by Figgjo Flint.

vintage red enamel Finel coffee pot designed by Anti Nurmesniemi

Also, this red enamel coffee pot designed by Anti Nurmesniemi for Finel – such a classic piece of Scandinavian mid century modern!

trio of vintage blue circle Altenkunstadt vases

Moving a short distance across Europe to Germany – this trio of vases were designed by Cari Zalloni for Altenkunstadt Pottery. They’re from his Cirkel range and the Op Art pattern is really striking. We’ve listed them separately, but they do look great grouped together. If you’d like to “re-home” them as a family, then we can do a special price on the three together!

vintage Babysham party pack in original packaging

These Babycham glasses were a good find. You quite often come across them looking a bit tired (well, they have been partying!). The logos & gold rims are often well rubbed, but these are absolutely mint in their original display box.

three vintage milk bottles advertising Brooke Bond Tea, Ready Brek and Kellogg's Corn Flakes

A bit more advertising ware. These milk bottles were popular in the 1970s & 80s – much more exciting that a drab Tetrapak carton! You could decant your milk into them to brighten up your morning cereal – or they’re perfect for cut flowers too.

pair of vintage staplers

We’ve been picking up a lot of industrial vintage items recently. These staplers fit in very well with that theme adding a vintage touch to a desk or shelf whilst remaining completely functional.