Designer Desire: Hervé Morvan

Mosaic of Hervé Morvan designs | H is for Home

One of the most well-known Hervé Morvan (1917-1980) works is probably the design he produced in 1956 for Banania – a French chocolate drink company.

He designed posters and other advertising materials for lots of other well known brands including Air France, Perrier, Evian, Gitanes and Bally.

Between the 1930s and 1950s, he designed over 150 film posters and also illustrated a number of LP covers and the Printemps du Monde series of children’s books by Jean des Vallières.

His original posters fetch good prices and can sometimes be found on eBay or specialist outlets such as Vintage Posters

There’s a book of around 280 of his works which is available on Amazon.

Portrait of Hervé Morvancredit

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Designer Desire: Celestino Piatti

Mosaic of Celestino Piatti designs | H is for Home

We’ve long had a soft spot for the illustrations of Celestino Piatti (1922-2007). He was a Swiss designer best known for his children’s book illustrations and poster and postage stamp designs.

For years, we’ve been hoping to happen across a pristine 1st edition 1965 copy of his Animal ABC in a charity shop somewhere. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon – thankfully, you can get new copies online.

Celestino Piatti

Much of his work has distinctive thick, rough, black outlines with bright ‘colouring in’ – almost child-like but incredibly beautiful. He had a few motifs which he kept returning to again & again; owls, the sun with a face and cockerels.

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Gimme Five! Vintage Yorkshire Moors posters

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Selection of 5 vintage Yorkshire Moors posters

We live in the midst of the Pennines and the landscapes depicted in these vintage Yorkshire Moors posters surround us. Through the seasons, heather and bracken form an ever-changing carpet of colour – green, gold, purple, brown and yellow!

  1. Yorkshire Moors, LNER by Tom Purvis – from £49.99, AllPosters
  2. Yorkshire Moors, LNER, by Tom Purvis – from £9.99, AllPosters
  3. Moorland Holidays, Yorkshire, by J Symington – from £3.50, Travel Posters Online
  4. To The Moors, Yorkshire, LNER, by Tom Grainger – from £15.00, eBay
  5. LNER to the Moors, The Holiday Handbook – from £6.99, Art247