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Salvation Furniture

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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Salvation Furniture table in our kitchen diner

Adelle recently entered an Instagram competition hosted by Notonthehighstreet. People were invited to post a #shelfie – an image of a shelf in their house. The prize was a Kanteen table from Salvation Furniture.

Salvation Furniture table in our kitchen diner

Lo & behold, our shelfie won!

detail of the top of our Salvation Furniture table

The table is made from lime-washed, reclaimed wooden boards with a metal frame beneath. We like the character of the wood – and the rustic, vintage industrial look. It makes a great dining table and we were tempted to leave it in our kitchen diner, but we already have a nice baker’s table that acts as our food preparation & eating area. Fortunately, the table is also perfect as an office desk or craft station so it will put to good use upstairs.

Charity Vintage: Cathrineholm milk pan

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

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vintage Cathrineholm milk pan for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of Midleton Elderly Aid
(ends 23 Oct, 2014 18:10:56 BST)

This vintage orange on white Cathrineholm milk pan is currently being auctioned on eBay for Charity.  It’s been listed with just a single photograph which shows a bit of scorching to the wooden handle. However, the enamel looks to be in very good nick. It’s for sale by & in support of Middleton Elderly Aid over in Leeds.

Unfortunately, they’ve spelt Cathrineholm wrong and haven’t mentioned the Lotus pattern. Hopefully potential buyers will find it despite this. Perhaps this is why it’s top bid is still only 99p despite being on eBay for Charity for two days and counting. The current going rate on eBay at the moment, for examples with a bit of wear & tear, is about £20.

Currently, in addition to the milk pan, Midleton Elderly Aid also have listed a matching medium-sized saucepan and skillet/frying pan – both in similar condition. If you bid on and win all three, postage costs will tumble!

*Middleton Elderly Aid intends to promote independence amongst the over-60s population of the Middleton area through a range of activites and services.

Creative Collections: Vintage printing blocks

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

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pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

We love typography and fonts – and have amassed quite a collection of vintage letters & numbers in various forms – printing blocks, stencils and old retail signage.

details of a pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

We’ll concentrate on wooden vintage printing blocks for this edition of Creative Collections. Aren’t they wonderful? The array of wood grain & colour, sizes and shapes.

details of a pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

One of those perfect things to collect over the years that make up into a really interesting & eye-catching display – whether it be a random selection or spelled out words.

vintage printing blocks with a letter 'C' in the foreground

Even the traces of residual ink can add interest.

vintage printing blocks with a number 5 in the foreground

We’ve just bought a large collection of blocks like these pictured. So, if you’re missing that perfect letter Q to complete a phrase…

set of wooden vintage printing blocks spelling out H is for Home

…or you’d like particular words to display – name or house number perhaps – just drop us a line and we’ll see if we can oblige.

pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

Prices vary depending on size, the quality of carving & rarity – but generally speaking we sell the smallest letters for £2-£3, medium cost £4-£8 and the largest £10-£25.

Charity Vintage: Anstey and Wilson starburst clock

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

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vintage Anstey and Wilson starburst clock for sale by & in support of Isabel Hospice
(ends 17 Oct, 2014 15:20:39 BST)

This vintage Anstey and Wilson starburst clock is currently for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of Isabel Hospice*.

Anstey and Wilson were a Birmingham-based electro plated ware manufacturering company and appear to have been trading right up until the late 1990s when it was dissolved.

They produced lots of different designs of starburst/sunburst clocks in teak and brass. Their looks and quality are on a par with (often more expensive) Seth Thomas examples. This one is ‘buy it now’ for £50 with £7 postage. We don’t think the listing will last its whole course – there are already 27 people who have put it in their watch list!

*Isabel Hospice is a charity needing to raise nearly £4 million per annum to provide their free services to the people of eastern Hertfordshire. Their ethos is that they treat the whole person, not simply the illness. They offer a complete hospice service through their team of Community Nurse Specialists, a 16-bed, in-patient hospice, a day hospice, outreach day hospices, hospice at home and a family support and bereavement service.

Vintage acupuncture charts

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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four vintage acupuncture charts

These charts are a very interesting & unusual recent purchase.

four vintage acupuncture chart showing all the body parts

They’re vintage acupuncture charts featuring the body’s muscle & bone structure, needle points and meridian lines. Everything required to balance that chi!! The charts are mounted on board with holes in each corner to hang. There are some areas of water damage, but the images & colours are so striking that it’s this that catches your eye.  They certainly proved popular when we were photographing them. Normally people are quite oblivious to the goings on along the drive at the side of the house, but of the four people that passed when we were taking these pics, three of them stopped to have a closer look.

vintage acupuncture chart showing the upper torso and head

They make a real impact in terms of both design and size, each chart measuring over a metre tall. The four charts displayed in a row look stunning. We’ve just listed them on eBay as they might have a wide range of appeal from interior styling to medical study.  Also, they’ll need picking up in person or collecting by courier. They’ve got a starting price of £99 for the four – anyone out there got a nice big wall?