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Forthcoming Attractions: Late January 2015

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

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Vintage Laurids Lonborg spice rack & tins

Lots of new items in the H is for Home shop this week.

Vintage EB Keramik West German fat lava vase Vintage multi-coloured granny squares crocheted blanket

Spice racks to bedspreads, tins to tape measures.

Vintage Wilkinson's Pontefract cakes tin Vintage Abbey leather tape measure

Vintage loveliness for every room in the house!

Charity Vintage: Prestige floral saucepan set

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

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Vintage Prestige floral saucepan set for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of St Kentigern Hospice (Ends 1 Feb, 2015 20:42:12 GMT)

We’ve chosen this lovely vintage saucepan set being offered by St Kentigern Hospice* in Denbighshire for this week’s Charity Vintage post. Six different sized pans should cover most culinary needs – and we love the cheery daisy pattern. Very good condition too… and a bargain at £29.99 for the set.

*St Kentigern Hospice’s objective is to offer patients, their carers, families and friends, responsive holistic care in a warm, homely, safe, nurturing environment.

Vintage Vogue

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

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Cover of Vogue Magazine from February 1962

We bought a pile of vintage Ideal Home magazines recently. We were delighted with them in their own right, but in amongst them was a lovely copy of Vogue which was a real bonus.

Model wearing green Capri pants in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

It dates from February 1962 – and priced at 2’6!

Patent in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

These vintage Vogues are very collectable and it’s easy to see why.

Line drawings of hairstyles in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

The fashion is obviously the real draw – gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewellery, hair & make up from the era.

Kanyana fabric ad in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

Looks which still look very current over 40 years later!

Model with red top and lips and dusky eye make up in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

Model wearing a blue dress and hat in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

There are other great features – the fabulous new mini in its early years of production…

Mini car ad in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

…and introducing pasta – now arriving on UK shores!

Pasta article in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

There are some genius illustrations too – the header for Vogue Travel is good enough to frame.

Travel in Vogue guide in Vogue Magazine, February 1962

These vintage magazines really are a great read – snap them up if you see them… and take a second look in that dusty pile of National Geographics in the corner of the charity shop – there might be a vintage Vogue lurking halfway down!

Cactus cups

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

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Vintage cups planted up with mini cacti | H is for Home

We’ve got a box full of random pieces of vintage crockery – kept in store just in case we need them to make up sets. To be honest, this doesn’t happen that often so we decided to give them a new life in a different way.

Stack of vintage cups

Amongst the selection are a whole host of lovely cups – the perfect home for small plants. We did something similar with colourful tins some time ago.

Vintage cups and supplies to plant up with mini cacti

So it was off to our local garden centre where we bought small cacti, succulent compost and fine gravel.

Vintage floral cup with base layer of fine gravel

As there are no drainage holes, start with a good layer of gravel to prevent water-logging. You’ll still need to avoid over-watering though – especially in the winter.

Vintage floral cup with middle layer of special cactus compost

Certain cacti seem to suit certain cups – whether it’s the size, shape, form or colour.

Vintage floral cup with middle layer of special cactus compost

Surround with the succulent compost and firm in.

Vintage floral cup planted up with a mini cactus and top dressing of crushed shell

Finish with an attractive top layer – we chose this crushed shell mix that they had in the aquarium section of the garden centre.

Vintage floral cup planted with a mini cactus

And voilà – cactus in a cup!

Vintage cups planted up with mini cacti | H is for Home

We think they look gorgeous – especially in a small grouping. We kept a few for ourselves and took some to our antiques centre space, where they’ve found a nice home on a window sill.

Charity Vintage: Erik Buch rosewood folding bar

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

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vintage Erik Buch rosewood folding bar for sale by & in support of Isabel Hospice (ends 22 Jan, 2015 13:30:12 GMT)

Did you get a bit of money for Christmas? We’ve found something lovely on eBay for Charity to put it towards! This fabulous vintage Erik Buch rosewood folding bar is something to behold. Charity shops don’t often get such rare, high value, quality items – but Isabel Hospice* has got a winner here.

Their photos don’t do the piece justice at all; if you’d like to see what it looks like in all its glory have a look here, here and here. An example sold at auction in 2010 for just over £1,200, there’s one for sale on Etsy at the moment for £3,100 and another on 1stdibs for $3,000 (about £2,000). That makes this ones buy it now price of £1,250 spot on.

It’s such a well designed and thought out piece of furniture. Imagine rolling it out, opening it up and offering your dinner party guests an aperitif – all very Mad Men!

*Isabel Hospice is a charity needing to raise nearly £4 million per annum to provide their free services to the people of eastern Hertfordshire. Their ethos is that they treat the whole person, not simply the illness. They offer a complete hospice service through their team of Community Nurse Specialists, a 16-bed, in-patient hospice, a day hospice, outreach day hospices, hospice at home and a family support and bereavement service.