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Bevy of beauties!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

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6 vintage prints of beautiful girls

Justin brought home not one, not two, but six girls last week!

vintage print of a dark-haired beauty

They truly are a bevy of beauties…

vintage print of a blonde, pony-tailed beauty

…blondes, brunettes and a rather gorgeous redhead.

vintage print of a auburn beauty

They date from the 1950s – very early Mad Men – Betty Draper and Joan Holloway spring to mind.

detail from a vintage print showing the artist's signature

We can’t make out the artist’s signature – any ideas out there?

detail from a vintage print of a auburn beauty

Oh, she’s here again – close up this time. You can stop photographing her now, Justin!

6 vintage prints of beautiful girls

They’ll look good hanging on the wall in our antiques centre space so that’s where they’re heading first, but we’re happy to post if your interested in buying them.

Charity Vintage: Green Cathrineholm bowl

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

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Green vintage Cathrineholm bowl (ends 28 Jun, 2015 21:01:13 BST)

Cathrineholm just keeps getting more and more popular. When it appears on eBay it’s virtually guaranteed to sell, no matter what condition it’s in. This 8-inch avocado green Cathrineholm bowl is for sale by Crossways Enterprises*. It’s described as being in “good, used condition”, just a couple of scratches and tiny chips to the rim.

It’s currently £8.29 with an additional £3 P&P – so cheap! One sold a fortnight ago for £38. The going rate for the 8-inch size is around the £40 mark.

*Crossways Enterprises works to empower Crossways residents and local communities to combat exclusion and stigma regarding mental health. they aim to provide a person-centred platform from which to serve communities through sustainable projects and thus enabling each individual to realise that they are valued. Their vision is to build communities where people of all backgrounds are included and have the opportunity to live in dignity with hope for the future.

Tempting tea set

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

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Vintage stainless steel & teak tea set

And the nominations for our favourite purchase of the week are… *dramatic pause*… it’s like the Oscars… well, not quite. Anyway, our choice for favourite purchase of the week is this fabulous 1960s tea set.

Vintage stainless steel & teak tea set

We see so many drab, average-looking stainless steel tea sets from this period that we don’t normally look twice. Just occasionally, one stands out from the crowd!

Vintage stainless steel & teak tea pot

This one’s quite sculptural – we love the angular ‘hollow’ handles and circular teak finials. It has a really clean, modernist look. We’ve no idea of the designer or manufacturer. The only markings indicate it was made in Hong Kong which was quite common during this period as many companies based production there.

Base stamp of a vintage stainless steel tea pot

Whoever is responsible, there’s no doubting that it’s a great looking piece. Just the thing to accompany a plateful of modernist triangular sandwiches (crusts removed, of course) – or sports biscuits with their 1972 Munich Olympics vibe (the original versions at least). Alternatively, the set could just sit on open mid century modern shelving looking fabulous. Let us know if you do happen to know a possible designer for it – or if you’d like to own it of course!