Miniature woven garden furniture

Toy miniature woven garden chairs | H is for Home

Last week’s quirky item was a vintage miniature organ – this week we’re going even smaller in scale, with this even more miniature woven garden furniture.

Toy miniature woven garden furniture | H is for Home

They’re very 1950s – and very sweet too. The set comprises of a table & four chairs, a bench and two armchairs. To give you some idea of size, each chair stands 9cm or 3½ inches tall.

Toy miniature woven garden table & chairs | H is for Home

We like the lemon yellow and crisp white colourway – and the detail is fabulous. It’s so pretty – we’d happily use it in our own garden if we were 6 inches tall ourselves!

Toy miniature woven garden chairs | H is for Home

Anyone out there with dolls or a dolls house that need garden furniture – or would just like them as a decorative piece in their own right, just drop us a line. There’ll be no expensive furniture removal costs! The eight piece set is priced at £35.00.

Oxo tin – cubed

Three types of vintage Oxo tin | H is for Home

We’ve bought quite a few vintage tins this week including three classic Oxo tins.

Three vintage Oxo cubes tins | H is for Home

We love an Oxo tin – that bright distinctive colour, design and logo. They’re perfect for holding all kinds of bits & pieces – and ideal for storing stock cubes, of course.

Three vintage Oxo cubes tins with lids open | H is for Home

Attractive packaging is always lovely to see in the kitchen or larder – and these tins are full of vintage charm. They have a real tradition and homeliness – a bit like a Colman’s mustard jar, HP sauce bottle or Kellogg’s cornflakes box. And when you lift the lids on these, you’re greeted with interior decoration too. In fact, the three tins we bought this week all had different insides.

Vintage Oxo cubes tin with lid open | H is for Home

Each tin holds about 50 cubes, so big enough to keep a selection of flavours – convenient and easily to hand when cooking. No more scrabbling amongst the packets at the back of the cupboard. We sell them for between £8 and £12 each and we’ve usually got one in “stock“.

Get their look: Garden games room

Garden games roomcredit

The word ‘garden room’ generally conjures up a mental picture of a highfalutin’ shed. This garden games room is so far removed from that image.

I’d love this room at the bottom of our garden… it’s about the same size as our garden! I love everything about it. The expansive run of folding doors out onto a patio. The huge vintage Chesterfield sofa for stretching out and reading in lovely natural light – or watching a film on that massive television. The vintage teak sideboard and record cabinet… probably holding an eclectic collection of LPs. The cute little wood-burning stove for those evenings when there’s a nip in the air.

This is a room where every member of the family, whether aged 4 or 94, would enjoy spending time!

  1. GLADSAXX frame, black
  2. Knitted pouffe, natural
  3. 65″ Curved 3D Ultra HD Smart TV
  4. Songs Playbar home cinema sound bar
  5. Vesta V8 Woodburning Stove
  6. 4-seater Chesterfield sofa
  7. Art Deco armchairs
  8. Orla Kiely nest of side tables
  9. Vintage teak record cabinet
  10. Vintage teak sideboard

Get their look: Garden games room | H is for Home

Introducing the Organetta!

Vintage Organetta Hohner | H is for Home

This is one of our more unusual recent purchases – in fact, we think it’s a first for musical instruments.

Vintage Organetta Hohner | H is for Home Vintage Organetta Hohner | H is for Home

It’s a vintage table-top electric organ – the Hohner Organetta to be precise. Dating from the 1950s, it’s in a lovely pistachio or sugared almond green colour and stands on small, splayed brass-coloured legs – both typical of the era. We thought it was very stylish and it still works! The volume wouldn’t quite fill a church, but it’s pretty loud – and quite distinctive. We can imagine its quirky sound being used by musicians today…

In fact, here’s Professor Peter giving one a workout!

Vintage Organetta Hohner | H is for Home

There’s one small chip to the enamel surface as you can see above, but overall it’s in very good condition. We’ve put it in the antiques centre window so that anyone interested can give it a try. It could be posted though, so if it’s up your street let us know.

William Shakespeare anniversary

Detail of a vintage William Shakespeare tea towel | H is for Home

It was the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare this week. There’s been lots of Shakespeare related stuff in theatre-land, in the papers and on on TV. To commemorate the occasion, the BBC is running a Shakespeare Festival.

Vintage William Shakespeare tea towel | H is for Home

This is our humble offering – a pretty vintage tea towel that we picked up this week – good timing! Made of pure Irish linen, it was produced for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and designed by Julia Killingback – probably in the 1970s.

We’ve previously seen this tea towel in shades of yellow & orange, but never in this lovely blue & purple colourway. It’s unused and in excellent condition – very suitable to frame and display. Drop us a line if you can give it a good home – £8 plus P & P.

Forthcoming Attractions: Early May 2016

Selection of vintage homeware sourced by H is for Home

We’ve acquired some fabulous vintage items this week.

Vintage Thomas Flammfest lidded casserole dish and Johnson Brothers Op Art coffee pot

We’ll start with two pieces for the kitchen diner – both items having a distinct Op Art feel. The coffee pot has a bold pattern of squares & circles in chocolate brown, black & white. It was produced by Johnson Bros in the late 60s or early 70s. The lidded casserole dish was made around the same time and has an equally striking design – this time, a repeating pattern of tulip heads in vibrant green & blue. It was made by Thomas of Germany. As we mentioned in the last Forthcoming Attractions post, we’re big fans of much of this company’s output.

Vintage toy Mettoy Elegant typewriter with original box

This toy typewriter is a lovely example. It’s the Mettoy Elegant model in shades of pink – complete with original box. We’ve had a few of these Mettoy typewriters, but never in this colourway before.

Small vintage Dümler & Breiden fat lava vase and Cascade glass piggy bank

Next is an old favourite – the West German fat lava. This example was produced by Dumler Breiden and has a striking, sculptural form with flashes of orange to the rim and twin handle like openings. The piggy bank was made by Cascade in the 1960s/70s. We like the design and pewter colour of the glass. You might want to use this money box for display only because there’s no stoppered hole to retrieve the coins – once they’re in, they’re in!

Small goose neck desk lamp and mid century modern teak, metal & glass wall pendant lamp

And last but not least, two nice bits of lighting. The miniature desk lamp is really cute. It dates from the 1950s/60s era and has a brass coloured flexi neck – perfect for those dramatic grey interiors perhaps. The wall lamp originates from the same period and is a real beauty. The mount is teak with brass & copper detailing – the glass shade has a wonderful swirling pattern. This piece looks good against grey too – and we can also see it hanging on a bright white wall in a pared back Mid Century Modern space.

Detail from a mid century modern teak, metal & glass wall pendant lamp

If anything has taken your fancy, most of these items have just been put into our web shop.