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Forthcoming Attractions: Early September 2015

Friday, September 4th, 2015

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collection of vintage lamps pottery and glass

Here’s a selection of recent buys.

collection of vintage desk lamps via @hisforhome

It’s very lamp-tastic!

collection of vintage desk lamps via @hisforhome

We picked up five lovely vintage desk lamps in various styles & colours at the same market. They included a classic Conran Maclamp with this unusual metallic paint finish.

pair of vintage desk lamps via @hisforhome

A few bits of nice pottery & glass too. The 1960s dish with its abstract design depicting what looks like two figures was produced in Israel and introduced a new designer & pottery to us – always good to keep learning!

collection of vintage pottery and Chance Glass dish via @hisforhome

All the items featured have gone into our web shop or antiques centre space. They’re all postable so get in touch if you see anything that your interested in.

Alice About The House

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

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Vintage Alice About The House book cover

We’ve just bought this great little book at the local market. Initially, it was the front cover that grabbed our attention – an eye-popping red & yellow – you couldn’t really miss it!!

Thompson Newspapers Ltd, publishers of Alice About The House

Before we opened it we guessed it must have dated from the 1950s/60s period. And so it turned out, being published by Thomson Newspapers Ltd in 1960.

'Eyebrow Pencils' and 'Eye Make-Up' from Alice About The House

It’s called ‘Alice about the House’ and as the name suggests, features Alice and all manner of domestic challenges.

'Lamb Leftovers' comic strip

Various scenarios spring up from the perfect sponge cake to electrocution!

'Cookery Nook' from Alice About The House

Much of it takes the form of comic strips.

'First Aid' from Alice About The House

The illustrations are fabulous – and so are some of the story lines.

'Bulbs, Bedding Plants and Seeds' from Alice About The House

As you might guess, it’s full of handy hints. Some are still relevant today, others belong to a bygone era. Both aspects make it a very entertaining read – the price is £10 including UK postage for anyone interested.

Vital signs

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

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collection of industrial vintage signs

We bought a box of dusty old vintage factory signs at auction recently. They look great now we’ve hung them in our antiques centre space – and have subsequently been promoted to favourite buy of the week!

We love the mix of colours, the various fonts, shapes, sizes, materials, wear & patina… the social history too. They make an eye-catching display. They’re the  sort of thing that you can have fun hunting for at markets, picking up one by one… or in bulk maybe – we think H is for Home have a few! :-)