Forthcoming Attractions: Late January 2017

Vintage Rolf Froyland Vikings plaque | H is for Home

We mentioned in yesterday’s post that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we’d not listed as many items as usual on our H is for Home website recently. It takes much more time to put things online than straight into our bricks & mortar shop space – and time has been in short supply of late.

However, the fightback has started! Here’s a selection of vintage goodies that we’ve photographed and listed today.

Vintage child's tin globe | H is for Home Red vintage Rhythm pedestal alarm clock | H is for Home
Vintage teak shelves | H is for Home Vintage Veb Haldensleben Eest German vase | H is for Home

We really do like to spread pieces between physical and internet worlds – and with a bit more time available now hopefully, there should be much more to follow in the coming days and weeks!

Our ever-changing spaces

Collection of vintage Criddle's Old Fashioned Black Treacle tins | H is for Home

Today’s post is very photo orientated. We just thought that we’d share a few images of how our two ever-changing spaces are looking at the moment. We’ve had some quite serious illness in the family over the last few months – both human and canine – which really has required lots of our attention and time. We’ve managed to keep on top of the blog, but we’d be the first to admit that our internet shop has suffered a bit. We’ve relied on these ‘physical worlds’ for selling most of our stuff of late.

Shelves of vintage pagkaging and cleaning products in Picture House Antiques, Todmorden

Our original pitch still has its vintage feel. In fact, one wall looks like an old grocery store at the moment with its brushes, soap, polish and old tins!

Shelves of vintage pagkaging and cleaning products in Picture House Antiques, Todmorden

Collection of new old stock boxes of Belvoir leather and saddle soap | H is for Home

New old stock tins of Day & Martin's wax shoe polish | H is for Home

New sold stock - various vintage cleaning brushes | H is for Home

New old stock - various vintage cleaning brushes in a wicker basket | H is for Home

New old stock - vintage Fox laces | H is for Home

There’s a nice Ladderax unit to another wall. We actually had seven of these! We’ve kept one for our house and have sold five in a few weeks – this being the last one remaining. It’s not surprising, as they’re such a fabulous design. They look great with their simple, mid century modern styling – and are so flexible in terms of where you position the shelves and cupboards – they’re easy to erect or move too.

Vintage Ladderax shelving unit | H is for Home

Vintage 'We Deliver Anywhere' glass shop sign | H is for Home

Elsewhere is the usual mix of furniture, crockery, artwork, fabric, lamps and so on.

Vintage wicker hanging chair with pair of vintage cushions | H is for Home

We’ve had some interesting chairs this month such as this lovely 1960s wicker hanging model.

Stack of vintage leather luggage cases, midcentury modern desk chair and large West German vase | H is for Home

Also, this 1950s red leatherette tilt back armchair. We’ve not established the designer as yet, but it really does have the look of Ernest Race about it.

Purple & white vintage dandycord chair | H is for Home

And how about this fabulous plastic weave chair in purple? It’s in great condition and the first time we’ve had one in this colourway.

Shelf of vintage toys | H is for Home

In fact, there’s no shortage of eye-popping colour wherever you look at the moment!

Vintage black & red GPO telephone | H is for Home

Our second shop space across the road has a slightly different look. Traditional antiques rub shoulders with mid century modern. It’s a bit more edited and pieces are given a bit more space to breathe.

Pair of antique miniatures | H is for Home

We love these much earlier pieces and have objects that date from the 16th to the 19th century. They have such character and history.

Corner of our 2nd Picturehouse Antiques space | H is for Home

It’s not always easy mixing such divergent periods and styles, but we have a very eclectic mix in our own house – so a shop space offering the same range of items was irresistible. There’s only one thing left for the customer to do – decide what fits in their own home – and what works well together for them!

Corner of our 2nd Picturehouse Antiques space | H is for Home

You’ll spy another one of those Ladderax units – a very dinky, cute little one this time (just sold). It’s currently displaying an assortment of lovely sculptural glass and the classic Cylinda Line tea set designed by Arme Jacobsen.

Corner of our 2nd Picturehouse Antiques space | H is for Home

And just to prove that this place really does span eras, sitting against the same wall is an oak gate-leg table dating from about 1680. Vintage industrial storage rack and printing blocks atop. Also, a very sweet 18th century oak spoon rack on the wall – and a couple of framed silhouettes which we love. They look great against dark grey walls! The original vintage TWA travel poster dates from the 1960s and was designed by David Klein.

Corner of our 2nd Picturehouse Antiques space | H is for Home

Here are a few more images so that you can have your own little virtual browse. Any questions, feel free to ask. And of course, if you’re ever near Todmorden – drop in!

Corner of our 2nd Picturehouse Antiques space | H is for Home

Detail from an antique iron candle holder | H is for Home

Collection of vintage printers block letters

Vintage Stelton stainless steel tea set | H is for Home

Trio of vintage art glass objects | H is for Home

…and fear not internet browsers – we’re back on the case now and will be photographing & listing some lovely postable items for the web shop this week.

Designer Desire: Erik Bruun

Mosaic of Erik Bruun designs | H is for Home

Erik Bruun is a Finnish graphic designer probably best known outside of Finland for his Hartwall Jaffa orange drink ads and Finnair travel posters.

However, it is other designs altogether for which he is most famous in his home country. In 1986, he produced the designs for the current Finnish Markka banknotes. He also designed a 2011 Sampo Bank payment card in collaboration with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

He went to the Central School of Industrial Design in Helsinki where some of his tutors included Kaj Franck and Tapio Wirkkala.

In an interview with Mr Wolf Magazine, he said he was given advice by the latter:

One should be passionate and inspired when starting a job. If you are not, then don’t start. Without passion, nothing exceptional is born.

You can purchase reprints of many of his vintage designs on his website.

Portrait of Erik Bruun

Here he is in a short film, putting the finishing touches on one of his Jaffa artworks…

Image credits:

Flickr | Pinterest

Get their Look: Vintage industrial work-living space

Vintage industrial work-living spacecredit

This vintage industrial work-living space is the Moscow home of Ella and Nathan. The open plan space forms part of a converted sewing machine factory.

The light-filled apartment has a very practical and useful feature; a sliding screen door can be pulled across in front of the sofa, creating a bedroom in the space beyond – a very Japanese influence.

The fabric of the building provides an interesting backdrop. Muted background tones are lifted by pops of brighter colour such as book covers and fabulous yellow upholstery of a very comfortable looking reading chair.

  1. Ladderax shelving
  2. Industrial steel drum pendant light
  3. Mones dining chair by Homestead Living
  4. Silver travertine honed tiles
  5. STRANDMON wing chair and footstool
  6. Rustic balustrade handmade dining table with paint effect base
  7. Vintage Navajo rug / Native American wall hanging – 1930s/40s

Get their Look: Vintage industrial work-living space | H is for Home

Put that in your pipe!

Collection of vintage smokers' pipes | H is for Home

Smoking paraphernalia isn’t something on our shopping list usually, but this collection of vintage pipes caught our eye at a recent auction.

Collection of vintage smokers' pipes | H is for Home

They date from the 1950s/60s era and certainly have a strong mid century modern style about them.

Vintage smoker's pipe | H is for Home

They’re made from a variety of woods in lovely warm shades, Bakelite type plastics and metals such as stainless steel and aluminium.

Vintage smoker's pipe | H is for Home

They’re so good looking and tactile – More ‘Mad Men’ than old men!

Vintage smoker's pipe | H is for Home

Justin has been practising his smoking style in the mirror with a few of them – he looks quite tempted. It actually suits his big beard!

Vintage smoker's pipe | H is for Home

Drop us a line if any of them takes your fancy.

3 ways to find vintage bathroom fixtures & accents for your home

Green vintage bathroomcredit

If you’re always looking for unique and memorable ways to update your bathroom and you want to do something completely different to what you’re used to, you might want to consider going vintage. There are several ways you can go about sourcing vintage bathroom fixtures for your home and it really all depends on where you live. From searching online, to antiquing and attending estate sales. You’ll have your hands full by the time you’re done with your search.

Antique hand basin in front of Delft pottery-inspired wallpapercredit


This may not be something that you’d normally consider but think about it. Who may have more of an inventory of old, broken, or thrown away bathroom fixtures than your local plumber? If you’re looking for super deluxe vintage finds you can search for a plumber Boca Raton or other neighbourhoods with higher than average income demographics. If you live in the state of Florida that is one way to go way outside the box.

Vintage decorated men's cloakroomcredit


You can go online and type whatever it is that you’re looking for into your search bar and chances are you’ll be greeted with a ton of options in lots of different price ranges. Popular sites like eBay are great for finding pre-owned or used bathroom fixtures. There are also sites that specialise in only vintage fixtures. You can search for specific components by decade or by style. These sites are super easy to use and make sourcing exactly what you want quick and efficient. Just be sure that you’re purchasing your vintage items from a reputable site.

Art Deco decorated bathroomcredit

Antique stores

Antique stores are another excellent way to find vintage pieces for your home or office. Antique stores are usually overflowing with so much inventory that you can often get whatever you need at extremely low prices. Another great benefit of antiquing is that you can usually bargain with the owner and get good deals if you are buying more than one or two items. Another plus is that you’ll often find one of a kind items that no else that you know will have. If this sounds like your Sunday afternoon dream come true, you’re not alone!

Blue vintage bathroom suitecredit

Estate sales

If you live in or near an affluent section of town, there may be estate sales that occur in your area. Estate sales are usually the best way to find vintage goods that may even be super rare at a great price. Some estate sales occur because of the passing of an extremely wealthy person that had no more living relatives. Other reasons for estate sales include divorce or the need to downsize. Either way, the person holding the estate sale is usually motivated to sell as much as they can. What does this mean for you? You can make the most of a motivated seller and arrive prepared with your best offers for the items that you want to take home.