Get their look: Historic Welsh holiday cottage

Historic Welsh holiday cottagecredit

Have you ever noticed how in January, you begin to see lots of television ads for holiday companies? It’s a time of year when everyone has Christmas fatigue, cold weather fatigue and probably ‘Dry January’ fatigue as well! What better way to get ourselves out of that fug than booking a week away?

We were browsing one of those holiday company websites when we came across this historic Welsh holiday cottage. Located between the remote beaches of Abermawr and Aberbach in Pembrokshire, the cottage once served as a hut for storing cables back in the early days of international telephone communication. You’ll find little nods to its previous life in the cable spool coffee table and other vintage industrial homewares and furniture. Eye-catching, locally-produced, Melin Tregwynt woollen textiles are dotted throughout the cottage bringing flashes of colour and texture, whilst also softening the hard surfaces of the space.

Our finger is hovering over the ‘book’ button!

  1. Customised Welsh signs
  2. Vintage roadworks lamp
  3. Concrete table lamp
  4. Glass storage jar with rope handle
  5. Melin Tregwynt ‘Mondo’ cushion, red
  6. Melin Tregwynt ‘Madison’ cushion, red
  7. Metal basket on wheels
  8. Red & white stripe throw
  9. John Lewis The Basics Alpha bed frame, double, grey

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Putting Britain on the map

Collection of vintage British maps | H is for Home

We’ll certainly have no excuses if our knowledge of home isn’t up to scratch any more. We recently made a bulk purchase of about 20 large vintage school wall maps. Produced by G W Bacon in the 1950s, many feature the British Isles – and cover every aspect of its geography – towns, roads, railways, population density, industries, geology, rivers, relief, contours, isotherms, isobars and rainfall.

It’s been very enjoyable sorting through them. They’re 60 years old – so slightly out-of-date in some respects, but no less interesting. It’s often the differences between ‘then & now’ found on these old maps & globes that are fascinating. The ‘traditional industry’ map illustrates this perfectly. If you click on each image you can view them in greater detail.

Vintage 'Reduced' school wall map of England & Wales Vintage 'Rainfall & Isobars' school wall map of the UK Vintage 'Railway' school wall map of England & Wales Vintage 'Population' school wall map of the UK Vintage 'Physical' school wall map of England & Wales Vintage 'Isotherms' school wall map of the UK Vintage 'Industry' school wall map of the UK Vintage 'Industrial' school wall map of England & Wales Vintage 'Contours' school wall map of the UK Vintage 'Communications' school wall map of the UK Vintage 'Bold feature' school wall map of England & Wales

In addition to their educational value, these vintage maps are also very decorative in terms of graphic design and colour. They look great in a library, study or office space. We’ve hung a row of them along a long hallway. We’re going to keep a few and sell a few of this particular batch. Some have gone into our antiques centre space and we’ve also listed 3 or 4 on eBay this week.

Pick of the Pads: Past Perfect

"Pick of the Pads" blog post banner

White house exterior in Country Living magazine June 2014

It didn’t take much thought for our choice for Pick of the Pads this month.

Country Living June 2014 magazine cover

We’re already quite familiar with this gorgeous Welsh cottage, Bryn Eglur, owned & renovated by Dorian Bowen – and when it appeared in this month’s Country Living Magazine we just had to share it with you.

'Past Perfect' article title page from Country Living magazine June 2014

For Justin in particular, it’s a real favourite house from years of scouring interiors magazines.

'Antique dresser in Country Living magazine June 2014

The word character was probably invented for it!

'Wooden box bed in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s cosy & comfortable with perfect retreats to eat, sleep or read.

'Antique settle in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s packed full of gorgeous country antiques too. An oak dresser filled with pottery & pewter, spindle back chairs, settles and spoon racks.

'Cast iron range in Country Living magazine June 2014

Spaces are softened with textiles & fresh flowers.

'Rustic stairs in Country Living magazine June 2014

Perfect, photogenic corners everywhere you look!

'Grandfather clock in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s full of traditional charm, but there’s also no sense of it being in a museum with modern facilities such as this gorgeous kitchen.

'Whitewashed kitchen in Country Living magazine June 2014

And the best thing is… if you love it as much as we do, you can stay there!! Yes, it’s a holiday let! And for those fellow dog owners out there – your treasured pooches are welcome too.

'Whitewashed bathroom in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s one of those cottages that offers a good location to explore the area, but also provides a gorgeous home to relish every hour you spend relaxing indoors. Perfect indeed!

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World Dolls Series: Wales

'World Dolls Series' blog post banner

World Dolls Series: Wales book cover

Our World Dolls Series has reached Wales – The Land of Our Fathers.

World Dolls Series: Wales

Illustrations are by J. Sirr – and they highlight the tradition, scenery & industry of the region.

Bronwen from Wales

Our tour guide is Bronwen, resplendent in her national costume. She’s rightly proud of her national identity & her country’s long history…

Welsh Eisteddfod competition

…and the Welsh tradition of poetry, music, song & dance –  celebrated at the annual Eisteddfod.

Welsh spinner in national costume and spinning wheel in Welsh cottage

She’s also equally proud of her little cottage where she spins wool…

Men and women in Welsh national dress

This is a lovely image – people gathered for a bit of a do – wearing their brightly coloured wools & tall hats.

Ancient Welsh soldiers and castle

The mining industry was still going strong when these little books were written in the 1960s. Alas, we fear it would be impossible to hear miners singing on their way home from work today.

group of Welsh miners

Wales packs so much into a small area. Busy cities, market towns & heavy industry – majestic mountains & ancient wooded valleys – farms & fishing harbours – river estuaries, historical buildings, seaside resorts & stunning beaches.

Welsh Beach

As with all the books in this series, the author Irene Dark and the various illustrators chosen from the Birmingham School of Design do such a great job of capturing the charm & spirit of the country.

Welsh Hills

We’ll be crossing the sea to Ireland for our next trip. See you there!