Burn baby burn!

Win a bucket of Flamers with Certainly Wood & H is for Home

For this month’s competition, we have a fantastic prize that you’ll use all year round. We’ve teamed up with Certainly Wood to offer one of our readers a bucket of Flamers firelighters.

Small pile of flamers on their box | H is for Home

We’ve been trialling these Flamers recently and we can really sing their praises. They’re a wonderful product – renewable, untreated wood shavings dipped in refined wax. They have a long burn which makes lighting fires easy and reliable. Also, there’s none of the harsh, chemical aromas that you get from other types of firelighter.

Flamer igniting with kindling | H is for Home

And as if that wasn’t enough, they actually look great too. They’re attractive additions to the fireside in the same way a basket of logs gives a natural, cosy look to a room. In addition to wood burners and open fires, they’re also perfect for barbecues and pizza ovens. We’re complete converts and won’t be using anything else in the future.

Bucket full of Flamers in front of our wood buring stove | H is for Home

To enter, simply tell us in the comments section below how you usually light your fire or barbecue.

Bucket full of Flamers in front of our wood buring stove | H is for Home

Bucket of Flamers fire lighters

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Price Points: Fireside gloves

Fireside gloves | H is for Home

Since last month, we’ve had our wood-burning stoves chuffing away a few times per week. Unfortunately, our current fireside glove has somehow developed holes in a couple of the fingertips… rendering them practically useless for putting a hand into a roaring fire. And not something you could repair by sewing with cotton, wire or fishing line. Can you buy Kevlar thread?

All three of the fireside gloves above look to be made from thick suede leather. The red pair is great value at less than a fiver per pair, but they’re a bit of a garish colour for keeping beside the fireplace.

Our firm favourite is #2, which for most households would probably be the obvious 1st choice. It’s sold singly, which means that, unless you have a left-hander in the house (like we do here) you’ll only need to buy the right-handed glove. We’ll have to buy a pair, but at a mere £17.80, it’s more than a fair price for keeping fingers, hands and arms out of harm’s way.

  1. Heavy duty fire-side gloves: £3.21, Amazon
  2. Protective leather glove: £8.90, Cast in Style
  3. Manor fireside stove gloves: £15, Manor House Fireplaces

Gimme Five: Dustpan and brush

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selection of 5 dustpan and brush examples

The temperature dropped this week so we lit our fire for the first time this year. An essential part of having a real fire is a good dustpan and brush. It’s only a humble object, but if you’re going to use something everyday, it makes quite a difference if it does the job well – and looks good too preferably. Here are some favourites from our recent search.

  1. Stainless steel & beechwood dustpan with beechwood & horse hair brush – £21.95, Myriad Natural Toys & Crafts
  2. 2-piece dustpan & brush set – £4.99, Westfalia
  3. Child’s dustpan & brush – £10, Objects of Use
  4. Beechwood & stainless steel dustpan with beechwood & horse hair brush – £59, Skillman & Sons
  5. Sweeper & dustpan – prototype, Jan Kochański