A cabinet full of charm

Vintage mirrored painted wooden cabinet painted with "G & J Weaver, House Furnishers, Warrington" | H is for Home

We picked up this charming little wall cabinet this week. It’s constructed of wood with a mirrored front advertising G & J. Weaver, House Furnishers, Warrington.

Detail of a mirror-fronted cabinet painted with "G & J Weaver, House Furnishers, Warrington" | H is for Home

Doing a little data mining on the internet, we found mention of “G. & J. Weaver, cabinet makers” located at 86 Bridge Street – sandwiched between a pork butcher and a confectioner. They also had another premises at 2 Arpley Road which it appears they shared with a beer retailer, tallow chandler, wire mattress manufacturers, wheelwright, brass founder and a printer. England really was a nation of shopkeepers!

George (the ‘G’ in the partnership) is recorded as having lived at 208 Wilderspool Road and James at Manor House, 96 School Brow.

We find social history like this fascinating. What started as a quick, 2-minute search for a company name ended up in an hour-long browse at street maps, census records and old photos.

Vintage mirror-fronted cabinet with vintage first aid kit accessories inside | H is for Home

Back to the cabinet. It probably dates from the early 20th century. It’s had various layers of paint applied over the years – we can identify red, green, white and mustard shades. We love the current combination of mustard exterior and red interior.

Vintage mirror-fronted cabinet with vintage sewing accessories inside | H is for Home

The immediate use that springs to mind is a bathroom medical cabinet perhaps, as it’s a classic size & shape for one – and has the mirror. However, it’s a very flexible piece. It would make a lovely little craft room cupboard – or kitchen spice storage area to name but two.

Vintage mirror-fronted cabinet with spice bottles inside | H is for Home

We love the shabby chic, vintage industrial look and simple practicality of it. If you do too, it’s available now in our online shop.

Toolbox shelf

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shelf made from an upcycled carpenter's toolboximage credit: May December Home

We saw this image of an upcycled vintage toolbox last week – what a great idea. Once screwed to the wall, the toolbox sides form shelf surfaces and the handle provides hanging space. It looks like this one has metal tubing to replace the original handle with a row of cups suspended below.

vintage wooden toolbox

By coincidence we came across a toolbox at the Thursday market if anyone out there fancies a similar project. The wood could be left bare or in this case it might benefit from being painted. This one retains the original handle from which butchers hooks can hang.

vintage wooden toolbox upcycled into tea making storage

We did a quick mock up to show it functioning as a tea making station. Perfect for a rustic kitchen – or how about bit of vintage allotment chic for your garden shed?

Wooden work box

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vintage wooden work box being used to store the H is for Home packaging materials & tools

Justin is very organised with his packaging these days. In addition to the large bank of metal drawers that contain all possible requirements – pens, labels, business cards, stamps, sticky tape, scissors, rulers, paper clips, glue, brown paper, string etc …

vintage wooden work box being used to store the H is for Home packaging materials & tools

… he also has an old wooden work box into which he’s decanted the packaging essentials. Not only is it very useful, it’s appearance is just perfect for his industrial vintage leanings! It looked lovely the other day, so I got him to take a couple of photos. It can be carried around the house and used in whatever room takes his fancy – usually the kitchen where we have a large baker’s table to spread things out on. The kettle & biscuits are in there too of course!