Top Drawers!

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two sets of small rusty industrial vintage drawers

We picked up four sets of these metal drawers at auction recently. They were full of all kinds of screws, washers and bits of milking machines!

detail of small rusty industrial vintage drawers

They’d obviously been living in a barn or shed and developed a nice coat of rust, but we knew that there was a vintage industrial gem waiting to be uncovered.

detail of small rusty industrial vintage drawers with wire wool

Justin set about them with fine wire wool – a very laborious, fiddly task. Each set of drawers took about 4 hours.

detail of small rusty industrial vintage drawers with electric buffer tool and tin of Briwax

After the wire wool, waxing and buffing followed.

polished industrial vintage drawers

All the effort was worthwhile as they’ve come up a treat.

detail of drawer corner detail of drawer corner

As you can see from the detailing, they’re actually beautifully made with folded corners and metal drawer knobs.

detail of polished drawers

They’ve got a great look – and we love the finished patina & colour.

detail of polished drawers with red desk lamp

They’re very useful too, of course – perfect for all kinds of bits & pieces in a a craft room or workshop. Thinking a bit more laterally, they’ve got a very masculine look, so would be ideal for men’s jewellery or accessories – cufflinks or watches maybe.

  • Ooh I love them, have you got one set of them you are selling in the shop?

    • Adelle & Justin, the H is for Home folks!

      Hi Amanda, they’re just about to be photographed for the shop. They’ll be priced at £80 if you’re interested.