Wednesday Wish: Cuisineart ice cream maker

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ICE30 model Cuisineart ice cream maker
Cuisinart ICE30 ice cream maker, £65.68 – Amazon

Regular followers of this blog will remember us, not so long ago, posting a Wednesday Wish for a new fridge freezer. Well, we’ve had the new fridge freezer for a couple of months now – and we still haven’t got used to ALL THAT SPACE!… especially in the freezer compartment which, in the old one, was primarily taken up with a whole lot of ice build up. My thoughts have been turning towards utilising some of our new-found capacity with a shiny new Cuisineart ice cream maker – especially with summer just around the corner.

Cuisinart ice 40 duo ice cream maker
Cuisinart ICE40BCU Ice Cream Maker Duo, £89.97 – Amazon

This one I think, despite being more than £20 dearer, would suit us much better. Justin & I have completely different taste when it comes to ice cream. While he likes smooth classics like vanilla, strawberry and coffee; I prefer mine to be copiously stuffed with chunks of cookie dough, chocolate chips, chewy caramel, glazed nuts and other goodies (although not necessarily all in the same tub!).

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