Wednesday Wish: Curvy jeans

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Gap 1969 curvy | UNIQLO bootcut BLevi’s Bold Curve skinny bootcut

 I have to my name, one pair of charity shop-bought Miss Selfridge wide-legged cuffed jeans and one cheap-as-chips Primark stretch skinny jeans (whose zip refuses to stay zipped). That’s it – two pairs of jeans… neither of which I’d say I particularly like.

I’m not after a pair of those £600 designer examples and I don’t want trendy ones that are ripped, sequined, distressed or overly logo-ed. I just want a plain, simple, humble, indigo jean! I’ve got fairly long legs (34” inside seam) and an ‘ample’ behind. These shouldn’t really be reasons for me to have such a hard time finding a pair that are a decent fit – i.e. don’t bag at the waist, can button up, can get up over my thighs, don’t stop three inches above my ankles!

Here are three I’ve found online that I have high hopes for – two of them were specially designed for those of us not built quite like Kate Moss!