Wednesday Wish: Get well soon, Fudge!

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close up photo of Fudge the Weimaraner

We have a very special Wednesday Wish this week.

Fudge lying on his bed with a bandaged left fore paw

Fudge, the centre of our universe, was run over by a car on Saturday morning. Our local vet was closed, so we had to rush to their Halifax branch to get him seen. The prognosis wasn’t good – amputation, euthanasia or an emergency orthopaedic operation. There was only one option that we were willing to choose – squeamish readers may want to look away now!

xrays of Fudge's left front paw showing a broken radius & ulna and pins & plates implanted during surgery

The operation was too specialised for the vets at West Mount so they had to refer us elsewhere. A fantastic vet, Nick Blackburn, of Calder Vets in Dewsbury did an incredible job inserting metal pins & plates into the broken bones in his front left leg. Nick has been great at keeping us informed of everything that was happening and (tried to anyway!) put us at ease.

xrays of Fudge's left front paw showing a broken radius & ulna and pins & plates implanted during surgery

Fudge was allowed home on Tuesday night – groggy, disoriented and completely off his food – it’s going to be a long, slow recovery. We wish him to be all better soon!

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  • Oh no! That's awful, I hope he's feeling better soon – we've recently got a dog and it's amazing how quickly they become such a huge part of your life. Get well soon Fudge! Rachel

    • Thanks Rachel. The first couple of days were really traumatic – we didn't know what to do with ourselves and whether his leg was reconstructible. The vet said he was very lucky that the main blood vessel running up his leg was unharmed. He's finding it hard because he's not allowed to walk so he's getting very bored!

  • OH FUDGE!!!! we're sending you so many hugs and get well wishes!! What a rubbish year you guys are having. Lets get into 2013, already.. its got to be better surely.

    • Thanks for the hugs Pilgrim – I'll pass them on to Fudge! It has been a terrible year – we'll be relieved when it's all over and we're back to normal.

  • oh no …I'm so sorry

    wishing you all the best

    • Thanks Kay – all the positive thoughts MUST be making his recovery more speedy! 🙂

  • Poor Fudge! I hope he's on the mend soon. I'm glad that he's okay – well, considering being hit by a car.

  • A friend of mine had reasonable succes with dogs puzzles to keep her dogs frustration down with cagerest. Things like this:

  • Mia

    Oh no! H is for hugs and hope he gets well.

  • Melanie

    OMG!!!! This is terrible news….. hope he gets better soon and hope you guys are doing ok!!! Speedy recovery wishes to Fudge from all of us! xxxx

  • How is the gorgeous Fudgey dog doing…. I thought I left you a message ages ago, but perhaps I left it on Facebook, or something went wrong (I've deactivated fb for a break, or perhaps more….)…. but how is he? I was so shocked and upset to hear about his accident, but delighted about your wonderful vet. Nico cut the ligaments in her leg once (walking into broken glass in the park…. I was traumatised too… had to take her to the vet's every two days for a new bandage / splint, etc etc etc…so I have a VAGUE idea what you must be going through….but at least I could carry Nico up the stairs…..I'm sure your muscles must be pretty strong by now, you two, or can he walk a little bit…anyway….just wanted to say I'm thinking of you allllll and Nico and I send all our love and best wishes for the speediest of recoveries…though I know it will take a long time. XXX and wags and licks

  • Thanks for your comment on our blog. How is Fudge doing now? I hope he is charging around like a Weimaraner should be!

    • He was, up until last Wednesday, when he was attacked by a loose dog. We had to take him to the vet for stitches to his nether regions! I’d post the photos but they’re too gory for public consumption. He’s doesn’t seem to be in any pain though. We just have to constantly keep our eye out for him licking the wound.