Wednesday Wish: Roope Vintage glasses

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selection of Roope Vintage tortoise rimmed glasses
from top: Retro 60s Honey Comb – £97 | Vintage 60s Lola Tortoiseshell – £77 | Retro 90s Carven – £57 | Retro 80s Charmant 4659 – £117

Well folks – I’ve known my days were numbered for a while now. I’ve been squinting at the screen of my iPhone and MacBook for longer than I care to admit. The eye test I had last week just sealed the fate I knew was immanent – I need glasses!

The people in Boots the Chemist were lovely – they didn’t give me the hard sell or anything. It’s just that, being an eyeglasses virgin, I had no idea where to go to find stylish frames. I’m a regular wearer of sunglasses (despite living in the perpetually grey north of England) and know what suits my face and what doesn’t. Again, no offence to Boots, but they had rack upon rack of what seemed to me to be near identical, rectangular, tiny framed examples. I’d been there over an hour, it was getting late, my mind was boggled, I just needed to choose something – I left the shop having chosen the drabbest, most nondescript, largest-framed specs they had.

Later that evening I rang my optically challenged best friend Duncan and told him about my experience. He made a few jokes about me looking like Deirdre Barlow and the large afro-wearing one from Althea & Donna… then he told me about Roope Vintage – WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE MENTIONED THEM BEFORE?!

I’ve chosen my top four – which are your favourites?