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gold See Concept reading glasses

This is the 100th Wednesday Wish so we’ve decided to pension off the series – after all, there are only so many things one can wish for! These See Concept reading glasses are a fairly long-standing wish list entry.

Adelle looking through a pair of See Concept reading glasses

Last October, we went to Gimbals Restaurant in Sowerby Bridge to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I couldn’t read the menu because I forgot to put my reading glasses in my handbag before I left home. But I needn’t have feared, the restaurant had a few of these fantastic reading glasses on stands for just that very dilemma!

Before we left the restaurant that night, I made a mental note to remember the name of the company that made them so I could get myself a pair for my bedside table. Needless to say I’d forgotten it before we got home! I’ve done countless Google searches for “glasses on a chain”, “reading glasses on stand”, “glasses with handle” but to no avail, I couldn’t track them down.

Last week Fab had a “Just for Fun” sale and eureka, there they were! They’re available in lots of colours but I think I’ll plump for a luxe gold pair!

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  1. Chris says:

    What a great idea to put reading glasses at the bar! There are some other quirky reading glasses here which you might want to check out!

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