Allotment Diary: Beds and Paths

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cleared beds and red brick paths on our allotment

This week on the allotment has been all about building beds and paths.

cleared beds and red brick paths on our allotment

After more than a month, we’re still at the point where we’re reconfiguring and re-jigging the layout of the plot.

bed on our allotment where we plan to plant flowering bulbs

The bed that already contained flowering daffs when we took it over – we’ve decided to plant it up with some more and other different flowering bulbs. We’d like to, eventually, plant it with snowdrops, crocuses, tulips, English bluebells – there’s already some crocosmia there that will flower in late summer. The plan is for this bed if for it to be ever-flowering – as soon as one type of flower dies back, there’s already another coming up to take its place.

singing robin on our allotment

Our little robin friend was back again to busk for us – his payment being some fat, freshly-dug up worms!

vintage red bricks reused to make a path on our allotment

We came across another small stockpile of old red bricks – we quickly used them up to make another little path between a couple of beds. Next week, it will be down to some serious planting – hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Allotment Diary: Beds and Paths

  1. wow you’ve got alot done! I had an allottment but after the third little one came along and I started my own business just found it too hard going so my dad took over. Now I I get to enjoy it without all the hard work and eat the produce too 😉
    One year a Robin decided to make a nest in the shed in some gardening gloves! Have fun!
    Jax x

    1. Hi Jax, We’re really enjoying the allotment at the moment. Ask us how we feel about it on December when we’ve had a 10-day stretch of nothing but rain! 😉

      I saw a photo on Pinterest of a robin nesting in a teapot hanging on a wall. They are such great birds – friendly and smart.

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