Modernise your bathroom: 5 tips

Modernise your bathroom: 5 tips

It doesn’t take long for a bathroom to begin to look outdated. Your bathroom should be a room where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. When you look at your bathroom, you should see a haven in which you love to spend time.

If you’re not getting these vibes from your bathroom, it may be time for an upgrade. Fortunately, there are many ways you can modernise your bathroom without going to too much expense. Have a look at these tips.

Unique mirrors

A bathroom can’t be a practical space without a mirror. However, just because mirrors are practical, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can choose from countless designs to fit in with your bathroom theme and make your bathroom pop.

From floor length mirrors to cabinet mirrors, and mirrors in every shape, you’re spoilt for choice. Opt for something that can be used as a centrepiece of the room.

Tongue and groove cladding

Tongue and groove cladding gives you an excellent opportunity to be creative in your bathroom. It will allow you to experiment with different tones and bring them together for one masterpiece finish. Tongue and groove cladding can also be done on a budget if you like to try your hand at DIY.

As long as you have the right materials, tools, and the know-how, it’s a simple job to complete. It takes a simple interior wall and turns it into something truly special.

Vinyl flooring

If you’re looking for clean and simple flooring, vinyl is a great option. Vinyl click-in flooring comes in a variety of different options, allowing you to choose what suits your style. For instance, vinyl flooring can imitate wood floor, stone, or even tile.

The best part about vinyl is that it’s ideal for any bathroom. It’s easy to clean and won’t ever absorb water, so you can rely on durability for a number of years.

Indoor plants

If luxury is what you’re aiming for, you’ll be surprised at what a few indoor plants can do. Adding some plants to your bathroom can make it feel like you’re bathing somewhere other than your own home. To add to the luxury, indoor plants improve air quality, making your bathroom a healthier place in which to spend time.

Indoor plants will also absorb moisture in the air. Therefore, when you use the shower or bath, you don’t have to worry so much about condensation on your walls and floors.

Stand-alone bath

When you think of a luxurious spa, you probably see stand-alone baths in your mind’s eye. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, this may be a major or minor change. If you want somewhere to relax, there’s nowhere better than a stand-alone bath.

You’ll need a professional plumber to install the bath for you and make sure you have the pipework needed. Make sure you get several quotes and references before hiring someone.

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