Essential tips for stress-free home improvements

Essential tips for stress-free home improvements | H is for Home

Home improvements are notoriously stressful. Although renovating a home can be an enjoyable process, it’s rarely an easy or straightforward one. Embarking on any home improvement project can be stressful, thanks to the disruption of your usual routine. What’s more, most renovations involve high costs and complex planning processes. Unfortunately, you can’t eliminate the expense, noise or mess but what you can do is reduce the stress that home improvements cause. Here are six ways how.

Bathroom renovation

Make all decisions first

Before work can commence, you must know what home improvements you want carrying out. Once a contractor starts work on your property works can progress quite quickly, so make sure that any decisions are made beforehand. Having a few goals in mind will help you determine which home improvements are best. If you’re selling your house, then you need to add value.

Three builders on building site

Find a reliable contractor

Even when aiming to cut costs, you shouldn’t pass up professional help. Small DIY projects can easily be carried out by a novice, but larger plans like conversions always require an expert. Instead of booking the first contractor you find, you should research several options. Make sure that whatever contractor you choose has the necessary qualifications and insurance to do the work.

Scaffolding up outside a house with green cherry picker up to roof

Check you have permission

Most home improvement tasks won’t require planning permission, but there are several that do. If your property is home to a protected species like bats or newts, obtaining this permission could be tricky. That’s why you should contact ecologist consultants, like Arbtech. With their help, you’ll find it much easier to secure planning consent, even if protected species are present.

Man using a circular saw

Speak to any neighbours

Everyone knows that renovations are a noisy and messy business. Unfortunately, this disruption can affect more than just those in your home. Depending on the home improvements, your work could cause trouble for the neighbours too. That’s why you should keep them informed. Although you don’t have to go into specifics, you should let neighbours know when work will begin and end.

Painting ladder in a room with blue walls

Move your family out

The easiest solution to home improvement stress is avoidance. Moving your family away from the situation can protect them from the disruption of it. This is especially important for families with children and pets as renovations could put them in harm’s way. Some people go on vacation during renovations, but you could just as easily stay at a friend’s or family’s house or hotel nearby.

Two builders using jackhammers

Plan for the unexpected

Careful planning won’t guarantee a successful renovation. There’s always a chance that something could go wrong, after all. Because of this, you must plan for the unexpected. Home improvement trouble often results in additional costs, so make sure you build an emergency fund. Having these contingency savings will keep you from having to borrow if things go wrong.

Home improvements are exciting but can create a stressful environment for your family. Thankfully, it’s possible to reduce this stress. Although you can’t get rid of the loud noise, high costs or uncontrollable messes, with the advice above, you can stop them from ruining the renovation process.

Style exploration

Once you’ve done all the remodelling and renovation, now it’s time to play around with your style. There are a ton of styles to choose from, but many of the more popular options are going to be minimalist, modern, traditional and eclectic; to name a few. If you click here you’ll get a quick guide on how to improve your décor. Rather than heading to interior design websites, punch in a random style search into Pinterest or Instagram. You’ll find the latest trends and tips on how to blend styles if you want more than one.


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