Natural cleaning remedies you need to try

Natural cleaning remedies you need to try

If you were to look at your current cleaning products and read what’s actually in them, you’ll find an incredibly long list of chemicals. Some of which can be pretty toxic. More and more people are turning towards natural remedies; they’re cheaper, better for you and are a great eco-friendly alternative. You’ll be happy to know that your kitchen cupboard already contains more natural cleaning remedies than you think.

Baking soda in a jar with wooden spoon

Baking soda

You may already be aware of using baking soda for cleaning. After all, you can use it in pretty much any room of your house. From scrubbing your bathroom and unclogging drains, to loads of laundry and carpet cleaning. Baking soda is such a versatile ingredient and it’s great at getting rid of odours and stains.

Bottle of vinegar, spreay bottle and ladle in front of a potted plant

White vinegar

White vinegar is another great, multi-purpose product. You can use it to get rid of mildew, mould and stains. If you’re worried about the smell, you’ll be happy to know the smell fades pretty quickly or you can add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. You can also use white vinegar to create your very own all-purpose cleaner. Use equal parts vinegar and water, then add a few drops of essential oils to offset the smell. Or you could use citrus rinds for a lovely, fresh, scent. As with all cleaning, make sure you wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Lemon, lime, baking soda, essential oils, clothes pegs and pile of towels

Lemon juice

Citrus is not just for scent. Lemon juice is an incredible cleaning product. There are so many different ways you can clean your home with lemon juice. You can add sparkle to your stainless steel, get rid of grease from your microwave and even clean your entire oven. Thanks to the natural acidity of lemon juice, it lends itself to being used for cleaning. Plus, its versatility means it can be mixed in with other natural cleaning remedies.

Pile of salt crystals


Salt is such an everyday kitchen ingredient – it’s mainly used for cooking and seasoning food. However, you can also use salt to help you clean your home. Salt is a mineral that does a fantastic job at helping you scrub off dirt. You can use it to clean grimy pans and get rid of rust. Also, when you combine salt with baking soda or vinegar, it boosts the cleaning effects.

Natural soap, scrubbing brush and cleaning cloth

Castile soap

You possibly won’t find this last product in your kitchen cupboard, but when it comes to sorting out natural cleaning remedies there’s no other product quite like Castile soap. It’s a plant-based soap. You can use it to clean your home, as well as yourself.

Changing up your cleaning cupboard and embracing natural products not only saves you some cash, but it’s also much better for the environment. Do you use any natural cleaning products that you’d recommend?


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