Passionate about petals: Spring garden checks to do now

Passionate about petals: Spring garden checks to do now

With the new season just underway, there are a few spring garden checks to make as the warmer weather comes in and the bloom begins. From preparing the flowerbeds to weeding and even mowing the lawn, here are some handy suggestions to get you excited for the season.

Inspect the water systems

Some may say there’s some great pleasure in watering flowers, plants and shrubs with a watering can. And maybe they’re right. But with a large garden to tend to, this isn’t always the best or most practical idea. It will take time, energy and much more water. A drip irrigation system can save up to 95% of the water from a can or sprinkler. It may be a good idea to book irrigation repairs or an inspection. This will help it work properly and resolve any issues caused by a harsh winter.

Prepare the flowerbeds

Spring is an excellent time for planting new flowers. Yet, after the winter neglect, the flowerbeds can become a little unkempt. Weeds and general debris will deplete the soil. Whether you want to plant vegetables, herbs or flowers, a little clean-up is necessary. It’s also a good idea to did over winter mulch, cut back dead foliage and give the hedges a little prune. And remember, you don’t know what you’ll find, so wear some protective gloves for this task!

Spring garden checks includes patios

Who doesn’t love a good patio or decking? What an enjoyable way to enjoy your garden during spring, summer and early autumn. Plus, investing in decking can add between 5% and 10% to the value of your home! Before you can relax, though, it will need some TLC. Winter can throw all kinds at the patio and decking, and around half an hour of work can make them look as good as new. Clear away debris, check for splinters and cracks and clear away any moss or grime.

Check weeds and spread mulch

Weeds are the scourge of any beautiful garden, and they become rampant during spring. The warmer temperature encourages their growth, and they can become a problem if left unchecked for too long. So grab the hoe from the shed and get to work! Applying a layer of fresh mulch will help control weeds in a more natural way than if using a chemical weed killer.

Don’t forget the lawn

Mowing the lawn is a great way to spend some outdoor time or to teach the kids some responsibility! Mowing the lawn can be so enjoyable and fulfilling that between 75% and 85% of people (in the US) do it themselves. Given that it’s often a large patch of grass in front or at the back of your home, it’s hard to overlook it. But some people do or simply neglect it. But this is a mistake; a lawn becomes much more challenging the longer you leave it, so grab an old choppy from the shed! Alternatively, if you prefer a less labour-intensive and a more environmentally friendly option, develop a wildflower meadow type area instead.


The garden needs more love when the weather gets warmer and days become longer. Inspecting your water systems, clearing the patio and decking and mowing the lawn are necessary spring garden checks to do now. Doing so will prepare your flower beds and borders and get rid of weeds for the new season ahead.


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