Simple garden additions to enhance your winter outdoor space

Simple garden additions to enhance your winter outdoor space

As Australia creeps into the colder wintery months, your first thought might not be about hosting an outdoor garden party for big groups of friends, but if you find that you’re hunkered down at home with family, you can make the most of your winter outdoor spaces. Now is the perfect time to consider some outdoor renovations and add some complimentary garden accessories.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of your wintery garden space during the cooler months.

Fire bowl

Set up a fire pit

There are numerous options for firepits on the market and can be a warm addition to your outdoor area. These range from full garden renovations to simple additions that can be purchased online. From rustic to industrial, there are options for every decorating style.

If you know that you’ll be using your outdoor fire often, you may want to invest in one that is installed by professionals rather than an above-ground option. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that will fit your garden space well. Now, all you need is marshmallows and roasting sticks to make it an even more inviting space.

Garden day bedcredit

Provide cosy seating with warm outdoor throw blankets

Relax in some comfy outdoor seating, and make sure that the cushions are waterproof. Not all outdoor furniture needs to be upright chairs; you can relax in comfy daybeds or chaise lounges, with many classy looking options. For a fun way to liven up your garden area, add a hammock.

You can make things even more inviting by adding some wool blankets. Instead of leaving the blankets outside, hang them on a hook by the door to grab as you walk outside.

Pair of hurricane lampscredit

Light it properly

With the sun setting earlier, you’ll want to incorporate ambient lighting when spending time outdoors in the evening. Integrate candles, but make sure they won’t get blown out by any breezes, so opt for larger candle holders to guard against the wind.

Hang waterproof lighting like Lepro smart LED strip lights around your seating area for an overall glow that can easily be turned on and off to add ambience to a larger space.

Bar cartcredit

An indoor-outdoor bar cart

No garden space is totally complete without dining and drinking options.  Have an optional bar cart that can be rolled outside or inside as the weather demands. Make sure that the wheels are operational though, and not just for looks, to ensure that you can easily transform the bar cart from inside to outside. If you go with a copper look, keep in mind that it will naturally patina with the weather.

Hammock with red throw

Keep your style cohesive

Revamping your garden space for winter simply means taking into consideration the weather changes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor space year-round. Before choosing any outdoor accessories or furniture, decide on a style that does not look strangely out of place compared to your indoor furniture and décor.

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