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selection of 5 fancy light bulbs | H is for Home

Remember when the only choice you had with light bulbs was their wattage and whether they were screw in or bayonet? Then, not that long ago, we had those really ugly energy saving bulbs – it felt like a step backwards – all lumpen bits of moulded plastic!

Light bulbs have come a long way since then – look at these beauties – delicate and other-worldly works of art. They make the need for lamp shades a thing of the past!

  1. MEGA Edison 240V 60W E27 –  €26.40, Danlamp
  2. PLUMEN drop cap + pendant set – £25.30, Made In Design
  3. Clear Goldline filament bulb 240V 25W E14 tip-candle – Amazon
  4. Calex 35W decorative globe bulb, gold – £15, John Lewis
  5. Lee Broom crystal bulb – £109, Heal’s

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