Simple tips and tricks to keep your rugs in top condition

Simple tips and tricks to keep your rugs in top conditioncredit

Correctly maintaining your rugs is essential to keep them in top condition for several years to come. But suppose you’ve inherited a vintage rug, or they’ve become stained and faded. In that case, hiring a rug repair service is the best choice as regular maintenance and care might not compare to professional repair and cleaning results. While routine professional care is an excellent investment, these simple tips and tricks will also keep your rugs in top condition.

emerald green rug in a lounge

Regular rotation of furniture

Keeping heavy furniture on your rug can cause damage due to the added weight, especially if it’s a thick-piled or woolly rug. This is easy to avoid by simply doing a regular rotation of your furniture or the area rug. Use furniture coasters that evenly distribute furniture’s weight to prevent tearing the area rug when moving furniture. You can also brush areas of the rug that are pressed down with a toothbrush or comb.

Sunlight falling on a Berber-type rug

Sunlight can be bad

If possible, ensure that where you place your rug is away from sunlight which can fade your rug. Suppose you can’t avoid sunlight, strategically place your furniture to block sunlight from damaging your rugs. You can also use curtains that can block out sunlight but not take away airflow. There’s also the option of installing ultraviolet windows or tinting, which block out the fading effect of the sun.

Runner on the floor of a kitchen

Regular cleaning and vacuuming

Doing regular vacuuming, especially if you have pets, can prolong the life of your rugs and carpet. Make sure to clean any spilled food or liquids immediately with a carpet stain remover. Make sure to invest in a vacuum cleaner that has a suitable suction power to suit your needs. And, if you have pets, invest in pet fur cleaning equipment. These products are relatively cheap to get and, although you might need to get on your hands and knees, this effort will keep pet fur off your carpets.

Someone standing barefooted on a woven rug

Use carpet care chemicals

These chemicals can be bought in almost any store and are easy to use. They come in a range of different strengths such as stain removing, waterproofing and instant stain remover. Use the chemicals carefully as they can damage the fibres of your carpet and leave stains if not used as directed. Also available is dry carpet cleaner which is used to keep your carpet smelling fresh.

Patterned rug under a coffee table

Timely planning of deep cleaning

Depending on your needs, you should do a regular deep clean of your carpets with an extraction machine at least twice a year or hire a professional to handle the task for you. There are carpet cleaning companies everywhere, and most are relatively affordable. Keeping your rugs clean will prevent you from having to replace them.

Taking measures to keep your rugs in top condition is not just great for maintaining the lifespan of your floor coverings, it’s also crucial for keeping your home free of allergens. Dusty rugs can cause sinus and breathing issues, especially in asthmatics or younger children, so be sure to care for your area rugs and keep them clean.


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