5 spaces that are a perfect fit for vinyl flooring

5 spaces that are a perfect fit for vinyl flooring

Vinyl is the perfect flooring choice for a host of domestic situations. For starters, there’s a truly vast range of colours, textures and patterns from which to choose. It has numerous other qualities too, any one of which could be the deciding factor when choosing what flooring to lay in a particular room. More often than not however, it’s a combination of these positive characteristics that come into play. Below, we’ve identified 5 areas in the home that could benefit from the addition of vinyl flooring.

Wood-effect vinyl flooring in a kitchen


Vinyl is hard-wearing. Lino vinyl flooring for kitchens is a very popular choice. The material is resistant to acids, salts, fats and alcohol. It’s perfect for an area that’s prone to cooking splatters and splashes. And, if spills do occur, it’s easy to clear up with soapy water, cloths, sponges and mops.

Black & white chequerboard vinyl tiles on a bathroom floor


Vinyl is water resistant. Are you or other members of your household the type to jump straight out of the bath or shower and create a big puddle on the floor? It’s not a problem when the floor has a vinyl covering – water can sit on the surface for hours without causing harm until someone gets round to wiping it up! Vinyl also feels warm underfoot – especially the thicker, more spongy ranges or when combined with underlay; so it’s perfect for added comfort in this area.

Baby crawling on a vinyl tiled floor


Vinyl is anti-microbial. The surface is such that it prevents microbes from breeding. It’s why it’s widely used in hospitals and care homes. Vinyl is also a good choice if your child suffers with allergies from dust, animal hair and so on. A quick sweep with a soft broom or a whip round with the vac and offending particles are gone.

Vinyl floor in an entrance hall

Boot room

Vinyl is very easy to clean. Coming in from a winter walk with the kids and dogs, it’s all wet clothes, footwear and muddy paws. Rather than traipse all that through the house, a boot room – or even the hallway just the other side of the front door – is the best place to unload outdoor gear and towel everyone down.

White, wood-effect vinyl floor

Summer house

Vinyl is a very tough material. Tolerant of various atmospheric conditions and temperature fluctuations. Whilst the more expensive summer houses & garden rooms are equipped with heating & double glazing, others have more basic specifications. Vinyl flooring is perfect for these simpler spaces that will have to endure harsher conditions. And, even if your summer house or garden room is well protected from the elements, some other factors previously mentioned might come into play to make it a good option. Camper-vans, caravans, sheds and shepherd’s huts might also be very suitable for a vinyl flooring update.

So, as you can see, there’s an array of positive characteristics of vinyl for you and why it might suit particular spaces. In addition, vinyl can be recycled over half a dozen times and has a lifespan of around 140 years. Consider the fact that vinyl is so affordable and easy to install, then it really is a fabulous flooring solution.


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