Small scale home improvements that can make a big difference

Small scale home improvements that can make a big difference

Home improvements are one of the most engaging and exciting home based tasks in which you can get involved. They definitely trump cleaning and chores, and they can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your living spaces.

But many people shy away from home improvements, thinking they take too much financial investment, time and effort. Of course, there are many home improvement projects that can be included in this category. Major renovations such as extensions, loft conversions and more are capable of being greatly disruptive and can cost a huge sum.

However, not all home improvements need to be taken to this level. Instead, there’s a host of small scale improvements that you can choose from that will still have a hugely positive impact on your home’s value and appearance. Here are a few that you might like to take into consideration!

Painting and decorating

Feel like one of your rooms needs a bit of a refresh? This is where painting and decorating can make all the difference. Painting your room can help to make it feel fresh and new. You can choose a new colour scheme or you can stick to the old one. Either way, walls will appear fresh, even and bright. If you’re choosing a new colour, make sure to patch test it on your walls to see how it dries. If you don’t have much time on your hands or don’t want to risk messing up, you can use a professional painter decorator who will have the job completed quickly and to a high standard.

Window shutters

Few homes have window shutters but Plantation Shutters can make all the difference to your home’s functionality and design. Not only do they have aesthetic value, but they can also help with managing the light and temperature levels in your home, allowing sunlight and heat in or blocking them out. Consider styles and colours that go well with your home’s interior as well as exterior.

Kitchen counter-tops

We tend to accept the counter-tops we have in our kitchens when we move into our home. For many of us, they don’t even stand out as something that can be changed. But you can always replace your worktops with something of a different material, colour or design. Popular options include granite, marble and quartz. Make sure to look into the qualities of any counter-tops you’re choosing to make sure that they suit your individual needs well. Some are less absorbent and resistant to spills and stains, some less so. Some are more durable than others too.


When did you last consider the kerb appeal of your home? Sure, the majority of us focus on our interiors when it comes to home improvements, but working on the outside of your home can add value and make you feel happier in your living space too. Try painting the front door, fixing squeaky gates, making sure fence panels are even and more. These small steps will make a huge difference overall.

Each of these changes can have a huge impact on your home without entailing the money, time and effort involved in full scale home renovations. Hopefully, one or two will appeal to you!


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