On our radar: German army combat boots

German Army Combat Boots from Epic Militaria in Aberystwyth

I’ve been through a fair few pairs of walking/work boots in the past few decades. There have been long shifts on my feet working as a chef in kitchens, as well as daily dog walks in the hills of the Pennines and Ceredigion.

I favoured Doc Martens in kitchens and Brashers for outdoor use. A few years ago, Brasher was bought out by another company (Black’s, I think) and the quality dropped. A pair of their boots that once lasted me over 5 years, now wear out in less than 5 months!

I decided to look into army surplus – I don’t need any fancy names or gimmicks – and boots for the armed forces are definitely made for walking!

In my search I came across a local company, Epic Militaria, who are based in Aberystwyth. They’re not a shop as such; they’re a mail-order company based in a nondescript warehouse on an industrial estate. However, they’re willing to have you come to visit via appointment – like I did, to try on the boots before I bought them.

The boots I chose are the ones above; German army combat boots. They’re extremely well-made and very comfortable; the integral tongue keeps your feet completely dry if you step into a deep bog or puddle. They’re surprisingly lightweight and, usefully, they’re available in half sizes.

Recently, when I’ve been out in my new boots, lots of people have commented on them and enquired as to where they were bought. I’ve recommended Epic Militaria to at least half a dozen people in the last few weeks… and I’m not on any kind of commission!

As well as a huge range of shoes & boots, Epic Militaria stock very affordable coats, trousers, bags, hats, socks and other accessories.

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