On our radar: Wildflower seeds

Wildflower garden

Some packets of wildflower seeds are on our radar this week… are they on yours? Do you want to create a ‘mini meadow’ in your garden? You certainly don’t need a couple of acres to get a beautiful display of cornflowers, poppies, yellow rattle, daisies, red campion, borage and the like.

Just identify a suitable area – it will need decent light, but size isn’t important – and neither is rich soil. In fact, wildflowers such as the ones listed prefer poorer soil. Give it a good rake and scarify to prepare the ground (now is the perfect time of year to do it, which is why it’s come to mind). Then simply scatter your seeds.

You can get packets of wild flower mixes very easily in garden centres or online; companies such as Thompson & Morgan, Landlife Wildflowers and Meadowmania. You can also add small plug plants or bulbs if you like. Hopefully, next summer you’ll have an amazing spectacle to enjoy.

Wildflower meadows not only look good, but are great for nature too. We’re really keen to give it a go and are hoping to create mini meadows on the rough ground that surrounds our cottage.

One thought on “On our radar: Wildflower seeds

  1. I bought some wild flower seeds early this year and planted them over Easter and they have been amazing. They’re still going strong now. The bee’s and butterflies have certainly loved them.

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