6 tips to remember when decorating with houseplants

6 tips to remember when decorating with houseplants

Over the past few years, indoor plants have increasingly become one of the most popular décor items, and for good reason. Alongside the fact that they can instantly brighten up any space, they also come with a range of health benefits.

From easing depression and anxiety to cleaning and purifying the air, it makes sense why you should want to have them in your home. However, there are still a few styling tips you need to keep in mind.

Below we’re going to discuss six points that you need to consider when decorating with houseplants. All right, let’s get started!

Natural light in a living room

Consider your lighting

While houseplants are known to be easier to look after, you still need to pay attention to what areas of your home get natural lighting. Some types will grow best underneath windowsills, while others can cope well in low-light areas.

Luckily, the web is full of information, like these marble queen pothos care tips, for example. With some research, you’ll know exactly what plants to try growing first.

Houseplants displayed vertically

Make use of vertical space

Most people start off with small plants on their coffee table or in the corner of the room, but you shouldn’t forget to make use of your vertical space.

For example, a few hanging pots in the bathroom or climbing ivy adds depth, texture and a beautiful pop of colour in minimalistic homes.

Selection of houseplants together ona wooden floor

Group plants together

If you’re unsure about how to display all your favourite plants, one simple tip is to group the same types together. The similarity helps keep things uniform while still filling in all of that leftover space.

Just make sure that you don’t go too crazy. While clustered plants can look great, you only want to take in what you can physically care for. Otherwise, you’ll be digging a lot of little plant graves.

Swiss cheese plant / monstera deliciosa plant on a stepladder

Create a unique focal point

If you want to incorporate just a few plants, making one show-stopper a unique focal point is a great idea. It not only gets your guests talking but is perfect for those that don’t want to take care of a forest.

Think of getting something like a fiddle leaf fig or monstera. They are large enough to make a statement but still bright enough to breathe life into any room.

Tangle of spider plants

Avoid overcrowding

While groups of plants can look great, as we talked about above, you need to be careful with the other decorative pieces you have in your space. Too much décor can quickly make a room appear cluttered.

Plant in macramé hanging holder

Pay attention to pots and hangers

Finally, the last tip to remember when decorating with houseplants is to pay attention to the pots and hangers you use. These make just as big of an impact and can tie your entire house’s theme together.

If you want to incorporate more colour, you can find ones with unique patterns, but if you want to keep things natural, macramé and hessian are excellent choices.

Houseplants on a wooden shelf unit

Final words

By following the above, you can enjoy all the great benefits that houseplants have to offer while creating a dreamy paradise in your own home… Good luck!


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