Triptych wall art from Dear Sam

Trio of Dear Sam framed posters on top of the delivery box
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We’ve just received some lovely prints from Swedish online company, Dear Sam. We’d been looking for some wall art to decorate the space above the long, grey sofa in our sitting room area. They have such a vast range of topics and styles that they’re a great place to find the subject matter that your interested in – or simply to browse with an open mind, waiting for that moment of inspiration.

Unboxed posters from Dear Sam Rear side of framed wall art from Dear Sam

We were pretty sure that we wanted something quite calm colour-wise; and also nature-related to complement all the various found objects & specimens that we have dotted around the house – shells, stones, skulls, feathers and the like. After having a good peruse of the Dear Sam website, we eventually decided on a triptych of prints by the 19th-early 20th century German photographer, Karl Blossfeldt. They feature details of ferns as they unfurl and we think that they’re both beautiful and sculptural.

Justin hanging framed wall art from Dear Sam

Once you’ve selected the image(s) that’s right for you, they offer excellent flexibility in terms of dimensions, mount, frame style and colour. The posters arrived promptly and securely packaged – and fitted perfectly into the frames without fuss. We liked the design of the clips at the back which made the job very easy – some can be very fiddly. Also, both sides of the acrylic glass come with a protective film, which once peeled away, leaves your finished posters pristine, scratch & smear free and ready for hanging. The finished result was just what we were looking for.

Dear Sam ferns triptych artwork on the sitting room wall

We’re really impressed with Dear Sam’s eco-credentials. All their posters are printed on high-quality, uncoated paper bearing the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and EU Ecolabel environmental labels for responsible forestry. Their printing facilities are 100% climate-neutral and their packaging materials consist of a mixture of recycled materials and/or materials from controlled sources. The company adheres to strict social, economic, environmental, functional and quality standards in their production.

Dear Sam ferns triptych artwork on the sitting room wall

Dear Sam 'in collaboration with' banner

Win a Swannies bundle from Swanwick

Win a Swannies bundle from Swanwick

This month, we have a review and giveaway in one. Swanwick has provided us a pair of Swannies blue light blocking glasses to try out as well as a Day & Night bundle for one of our readers.

Swannies reading glasses with box, pouch and cloth

Swanwick was founded in 2015 by two sleep-deprived brothers over in Australia. They learned that the blue light emitted from electronic devices wreaks havoc on the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate sleep patterns. That’s when they set about designing and producing a range of fashionable eyewear that blocks out the offending blue light.

Justin working on a laptop wearing his Swannies reading glasses

I’ve long been an advocate of blue light blocking glasses, this time it was Justin’s turn to give them a go.

Close-up of Justin's face while wearing his Swannies reading glasses

He’s been wearing off-the-shelf reading glasses for a few years now, so we requested a pair of 2.50+ daytime blue light blocking glasses to test drive.

Profile of Justin's face showing an arm of the Swannies reading glasses

When the package arrived and he ‘unboxed’ his new specs, he was very impressed by the initial look of them. They’re very well made and have a real quality feel – robust, without feeling heavy. He finds them very comfortable to wear, even after long periods of use.

If you spend a good deal of time working at a computer, playing computer games, reading e-books, scrolling on your phone or watching TV, you’re probably exposing yourself to excess blue light.

Even if you don’t need to wear vision-correcting glasses, you can benefit from wearing Swannies. They’re available with both magnification and non-magnification blue light filtering lenses. They’re also available in kids’ sizes too!

Day & Night Swannies bundle from Swanwick

To be in with a chance to win a Swannies bundle of your choice, tell us in the comments section below how many hours per day you reckon you spend on or looking at electronic devices.

A Swannies bundle from Swanwick

Day & Night Swannies banner

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A gift of eggs from Photowall at Easter

Photowall canvas of Song Bird Egg Chart

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We’ve just received this lovely Song Birds eggs canvas print from Photowall. Eggs for Easter… perfect!! After offering us the chance to try out their service, we had a good browse through the huge range of prints on offer.

When we saw this one, we knew immediately that we could give it a good home. We have a small area in the cottage given over to ‘found’ objects and nature specimens – shells, pebbles, fossils, bones, feathers and the like. This canvas bird eggs poster was the perfect, complimentary artwork for the room.

Eggs canvas art print from Photowall

Whilst we were happy to use this image from their own catalogue, Photowall canvas prints are actually highly customisable; you can choose the size you want – and even choose your own design – simply upload a photo or scanned image as a high resolution .jpeg, .gif, .png or .psd file and take it from there!

Canvas components laid out Putting together a wall art canvas

The package includes clear & simple instructions. It’s an ingenious design and it took less than 10 minutes to put together, ready to hang on the wall. Photowall has published a helpful YouTube video showing you how to construct your canvas – we’ve embedded it at the bottom of this post.

Photowall canvas of eggs - showing the edge

Our Photowall experience has been excellent. We’ve been very happy with the whole process – from ordering on the website to hanging on the wall.

[ Many thanks to Photowall for providing the canvas for review ]

Bookmarks: Our Isles

Cover of Our Isles by Angus D. Birditt & Lilly Hedley

One of life’s simple pleasures is taking a bit of quiet time with a cup of coffee, a few biscuits and a good book… and we’ve been enjoying this wonderful little tome over the last few days.

A few weeks ago, we featured printmaker, Lilly Hedley in our Designer Desire series. While researching her and her work, we discovered that she and her partner, Angus D. Birditt, recently collaborated on, amongst many other things, a book. Our Isles is a lovely project which interweaves Angus’ poetry with Lilly’s illustrations.

'At Home' poem & illustration

The heart of home is where they flee
Amongst their thoughts to unwind and see,
At one with self, content to be
In space to find and wander free.

'The Butcher' poem & illustration 'The Baker' poem & illustration

Having both spent their entire lives in the countryside, the pair direct their attentions towards many of Britain’s rural occupations, pastimes and craftspeople.

'The Brewer' poem & illustration 'The Blacksmith' poem & illustration

There’s the butcher, the baker… alas, no candlestick-maker! I think ‘The Printmaker’ may be an autobiographical addition!

'The Printmaker' poem & illustration

Our Isles is divided into sections according to types of occupations; for instance, ‘With Tool in Hand’ encompasses tradespeople such as the potter, the thatcher and the farrier.

'With Tool to Hand' section in 'Our Isles' book

‘Amid Tides & Water’ includes professions such sailor, fisherman and salt harvester.

'Amid Tides & Water' section in 'Our Isles' book

All of Angus’ poems take the form of double couplet AABB rhyming quatrains. They’re absolutely charming – and very accessible to those not overly accustomed to reading poetry. They perfectly capture the traditions, inspirations, routines and skills of the people intrinsic to countryside life.

Hen-keeping linocut and poem

Lilly’s monochrome linocut prints are absolutely beautiful. Some have a very contemporary look, others, an almost medieval feel.

Linocut of a falcon

At the rear of the book is a short glossary; it explains terms particular to the different trades. For instance, a ‘yealm’ is a bundle of organised straw in the thatching industry. And, ‘Goddes Good’ or ‘God is Good’, is an archaic term for yeast that is added during the brewing process.

Glossasry from Our Isles

[ Many thanks to Pavilion Books for the review copy of Our Isles ]