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Three hip ideas for new-age interior design

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

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eclectic living room

The home is what you make of it. We all want to enjoy cosy and welcoming living spaces, but we don’t want to spend beaucoups of money in order to achieve said look and feel. It can be frustrating to contemplate the time and costs associated with interior design projects that are necessary or inspirational, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve put together a list of four hip interior design ideas that will add a bit of spice and style to the 21st century home. Not only are these ideas fun and fresh, but achieving them doesn’t require tons of money or time on your part.

artificial grass flooring in young person's bedroom

Artificial grass floor-coverings

We’ve seen plenty of trends in which hardwood, tile and stone floor-coverings have been promoted and adopted by the latest and greatest celebrities and interior decorators. For those wanting to add a bit of feng shui to one or more rooms in the home, a different approach could be an indoor artificial grass design.

Easier to clean thoroughly than traditional carpet, highly versatile and durable to traffic, artificial grass can be selected in a variety of colours, textures and thickness. Many designs are comparable in feel to carpet, which means that the concept of artificial grass feeling like plastic is very much outdated.

Not only can artificial grass be used inside the home, but a seamless interior to exterior design plan can be incorporated in order to extend the covering outside of the home.

indoor water feature in a stone wall

Indoor flows of water

Bringing nature into the home doesn’t have to consist solely of children and animals tracking in mud and debris – it can also be a truly clean, organic and invigorating experience! A recent trend of indoor water flows within the home has been occurring, as more and more home owners seek to get back in touch with Mother Nature in one way or another.

From custom glass water walls to real-life babbling brooks running throughout the home’s floors, these design elements can dramatically improve overall day-to-day mood and ambiance. While a more invasive approach is needed for some of these ideas, you may choose to opt for something as simple as a standalone fountain in the bedroom, bathroom or living areas.

under-stair shoe storage

Abundant storage… everywhere

Most homes are designed in such a way that plenty of usable area goes unused. Walls, closets, staircases and many other areas are left to occupy space that cannot or is not used for storage and display in standard form.

Shelving, recessed areas and hidden spaces are increasingly becoming common in new interior design plans due to the need for many to make the most of smaller living spaces. Each wall presents possibilities for creative shelving situations that can be easily constructed by most, with a variety of recessed shelving kits and tutorials available via the web.

Beneath staircases and elevated floors, even more room for storage can be added with a little bit of ingenious design planning and preparation. There’s no need to be shy about where you can add a bit of storage: the answer is “everywhere”!


How to choose the perfect fire for your Connecticut home

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

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Traditional Connecticut salt housecredit

A good fire should do much more than simply provide warmth for you and your family. It can bring a room to life with its cosy glow or flickering flames. It instantly adds a unique character to the space in which it sits. When choosing the best fire to install in your Connecticut home, it’s important to be aware of all the various options. We’ve put together a list of the different types of fires available in order to help you choose.

Long narrow gas fire in an open-plan sitting roomcredit

Gas fires

If you’re thinking of saving money on your energy bills, gas fireplaces can be excellent choice. You can warm the room you’re sitting in without having to heat the whole house. Gas fireplaces need ventilation, but don’t require a masonry built chimney, so if your property in Connecticut doesn’t have a chimney this may be the best option to go for. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from, and gas fires tend to have the best energy efficiency ratings.

Wall-mounted electric fire with blue backlightingcredit

Electric fires

One of the most convenient factors of an electric fire is that they come ready assembled and simply need plugging in and switching on. They’re very flexible in terms of positioning within the home and because the manufacturer has already selected materials and dimensions, there’s one less thing to worry about. However, if your home in Connecticut is quite large, an electric fire may not be the best option as they only tend to work well in smaller rooms, meaning that using one in a large space usually results in unsatisfactory results and energy inefficiency.

Pair of wooden rocking chairs in front of a traditional open fireplacecredit

Wood fires & stoves

Open fireplaces & wood-burning stoves are traditional and have been used for many years. As well as saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bill, they’re particularly good for adding some character and authenticity to your Connecticut home. You’ll need firewood of course. You could chop your own if you have suitable resources – or firewood can be bought from suppliers and delivered to your door for ease and convenience.

Open fireplace with wood mantelpiece in a kitchen-loungecredit

Themes & styles

When selecting a fire for your Connecticut home, you’ll find that no matter what type you go for, there are a vast array of different styles available – materials too of course. Brick, stone, tile, marble and wood are just some of the different choices available. Select a combination that suits the feel & décor of the room. Many people want a fire that will last a lifetime or many years at least. Therefore, it’s not unusual for homeowners to select a fireplace that has a neutral theme in order to keep it in line with any interior decoration changes or adjustments that may be made in the future. Mantles are also an excellent addition that can add to the character and styling of the room.

Do you live in Connecticut? What kind of fireplace do you have, and why did you make that choice? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Creating a vintage-feel bathroom

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

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Grey, vintage-inspired bathroomimage credit

No matter how many modern bathroom designs and features we’re exposed to now and in years to come, there’ll always be a special affection for traditional, vintage-feel bathrooms. These designs were, of course, modern once upon a time, so here are some products and styles that The Bath House Online believe to be key in helping create a real vintage-inspired bathroom.

roll-top bathtub in a vintage-inspired bathroomimage credit

Free-standing roll-top bath

The focal point of any traditional bathroom suite is more often than not the bathtub, and what could provide a more period look than a shiny free-standing bath with feet and a roll-top edge. With the bath interior extending out and overlapping the exterior before rolling back on itself to create a smooth, rounded edge, you know you have a bathtub worthy of any vintage bathroom. The addition of feet elevates the bathtub slightly off the ground as well and adds to the already traditional design, especially when matched with the taps.

pedestal basin in a vintage-inspired bathroomimage credit

Pedestal basin

There was a time when bathroom basins weren’t settled on a counter top with storage space underneath or hanging from a wall with no additional support. This was the time of pedestal basins; free-standing from the ground with all pipework hidden by a hollow yet solid looking plinth. These plinths, or pedestals, provide the same effect on basins as feet on bathtubs – not always a necessity but add a unique element of style that was so popular in years gone by. For that even more vintage feel, fit separate taps for hot and cold rather than one single mixer tap.

high-level cistern in a vintage-inspired bathroomimage credit

High-level cistern

Sometimes, practicality in the bathroom is key and a toilet that’s compact enough to almost be hidden away and blended into the background is the best option. Going back half a century, however, there must have been quite a different mentality when you consider the high-level cistern. The toilet bowl and seat are the same, but the actual cistern stands tall above the rest, connected by a thin pipe and a pull-chain dangling down. If a traditional wc is what you’re after for a vintage bathroom, they don’t come much more traditional than a high level cistern.

wooden floor & panelling in a vintage-inspired bathroomimage credit


Adding not just a vintage feel to your bathroom, but a warm, homely one too, wood remains a popular material choice for everything from floor to ceiling. Start with specially glazed wooden floorboards and match this particular tone of wood with other objects that eyes will be drawn to such as storage cabinets, intricately carved mirror frames and toilet seats. Right down to the finer details, wood maintains that effect; door handles and shelves may go unnoticed, but go a long way in contributing to the picture as a whole.

The Bath House Online has a fantastic range of affordable bathroom products perfect for creating your very own vintage bathroom. They house collections from many leading bathroom brands to cater for all sizes, styles and budgets.