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We recently decided to upgrade our space in Picture House Antiques from a cabinet to a room-sized pitch. It will enable us to sell a much wider variety of items. It’s our usual mix of mid-century modern, handmade objects and rustic antiques.

There’s enamelware, ceramics, glass and fabrics… we’ve had some fantastic vintage posters framed for the walls… there are clocks, lighting and larger pieces of furniture.

It’s been quite a busy week – there are slideshows below charting the move.

(Items cluttering up our lounge, waiting to go)

(boxes to unpack, shelves to put up & pictures to hang)

(More tweaking will surely be done, but we’re happy with the result so far)

Come pay us a visit if you’re ever in the area!

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  3. Congratulations on your new space and a happy Easter to you too!

    Best of luck,



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