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Etsy List: Weimaraner love

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

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selection of Weimaraner-themed items on Etsy

Weimaraner Love
curated by H is for Home

Once again, Fudge is throwing a tantrum. “I WANT AN ETSY LIST!”, he howled.

“OK, OK!”, we relent. “What do you want to do?”, we begged.

“Everybody loves a Weimaraner!”, he wimpered.

“Have it on our desk by Monday morning!”, we barked.

You get the picture…

Christmas Countdown: Fudge’s choice

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

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Selection of dog-related, canine Christmas items

Fudge insists one being given the opportunity to voice (bark?) his opinion on canine Christmas matters, so we’ve allowed him to guest edit this penultimate Christmas Countdown post.

He’s scoured the internet and wishes to share his findings with his doggie buddies. We are pleased to bring you his carefully curated collection…

  1. Party dog Christmas decoration by Horsfall & Wright: £12, Notonthehighstreet
  2. Pair of 2 Rudolf sausage dog decorations by Miss Shelly Designs: £17, Notonthehighstreet
  3. William Wegman’s Fay’s Twelve Days of Christmas DVD: £62.51, Amazon
  4. Tillsammans x-mas poster: £20, Scandinavian Design Center
  5. Lily’s Kitchen turkey with cranberry Christmas dog treats: £2.99, Monster Pet Supplies
  6. Santa & Rudolph reindeer bandana: £3.20, PetsPyjamas
  7. Joy to the World ‘Give a Dog A Bone’ ornament: £19.41, Saks Fifth Avenue
  8. Good Boy dog luxury Christmas stocking: £6.99, Seapets
  9. Good Boy Christmas dog Santa coat: £5.99-£9.69, Monster Pet Supplies

Wednesday Wish: Get well soon, Fudge!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

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close up photo of Fudge the Weimaraner

We have a very special Wednesday Wish this week.

Fudge lying on his bed with a bandaged left fore paw

Fudge, the centre of our universe, was run over by a car on Saturday morning. Our local vet was closed, so we had to rush to their Halifax branch to get him seen. The prognosis wasn’t good – amputation, euthanasia or an emergency orthopaedic operation. There was only one option that we were willing to choose – squeamish readers may want to look away now!

xrays of Fudge's left front paw showing a broken radius & ulna and pins & plates implanted during surgery

The operation was too specialised for the vets at West Mount so they had to refer us elsewhere. A fantastic vet, Nick Blackburn, of Calder Vets in Dewsbury did an incredible job inserting metal pins & plates into the broken bones in his front left leg. Nick has been great at keeping us informed of everything that was happening and (tried to anyway!) put us at ease.

xrays of Fudge's left front paw showing a broken radius & ulna and pins & plates implanted during surgery

Fudge was allowed home on Tuesday night – groggy, disoriented and completely off his food – it’s going to be a long, slow recovery. We wish him to be all better soon!

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