Wednesday Wish: See Concept reading glasses

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gold See Concept reading glasses

This is the 100th Wednesday Wish so we’ve decided to pension off the series – after all, there are only so many things one can wish for! These See Concept reading glasses are a fairly long-standing wish list entry.

Adelle looking through a pair of See Concept reading glasses

Last October, we went to Gimbals Restaurant in Sowerby Bridge to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I couldn’t read the menu because I forgot to put my reading glasses in my handbag before I left home. But I needn’t have feared, the restaurant had a few of these fantastic reading glasses on stands for just that very dilemma!

Before we left the restaurant that night, I made a mental note to remember the name of the company that made them so I could get myself a pair for my bedside table. Needless to say I’d forgotten it before we got home! I’ve done countless Google searches for “glasses on a chain”, “reading glasses on stand”, “glasses with handle” but to no avail, I couldn’t track them down.

Last week Fab had a “Just for Fun” sale and eureka, there they were! They’re available in lots of colours but I think I’ll plump for a luxe gold pair!

Wednesday Wish: Keen Newport sandals

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brown leather Keen Newport sandal
Keen Newport men’s walking sandals, ยฃ64.99, Amazon

Justin lost the majority of his footwear in last June’s flood – he kept all his walking gear in the porch just inside the front door. Now that we’re having a prolonged heatwave his walking boots (with socks) make his feet a tad warm to put it mildly. I’ve had a pair of these Keen Newport sandals for years and they’re so comfortable and durable I’ve talked him into getting himself a pair too. We’ll soon be only a a hair’s breadth away from rocking a pair of matching teddy bear jumpers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday Wish: Helt honey

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selection of different Helt honey jars

We use jar upon jar of honey chez H is for Home. We use it a lot for making flapjacks and it’s delicious at breakfast on hot buttered toast, swirled into plain Greek yoghurt or in a cockle-warming bowl of porridge in the winter. The first thing that caught my eye about this Helt honey was it’s multi-award winning labelling & packaging – isn’t it great?

Helt honey is produced in Denmark by Englishman, Anthony Lee and there are currently 13 ‘flavours’ from which to choose:

  • City – apricot, herbal, malt, raisin, caramel, molasses
  • Heather – earthy, hop, oak, smoky and whiskey aromas finishing off with a lilac, and a clear caramel and walnut aroma
  • Spring – strong vanilla aroma, then a fig aroma finishing off with a perfumed rose aroma
  • Summer – berry and elderflower aroma, then a dominating vanilla aroma and a floral note at the very end
  • Late summer – citrus aroma, taken over by a caramel aroma which lingers, with a slight strawberry and cherry aroma at the end
  • Honey with ginger – very aromatic; dominated by ginger, woody, menthol and citrus notes supported by a molasses and vanilla note
  • Honey with liquorice – first you’re hit by caramel, molasses and malt; then you taste the more toasted, liquorice, herbal and vanilla aromas
  • Honey with cinnamon – dominating fruity aroma with a great citrus note complimented by a slight vanilla aroma
  • Honey with raspberry – perfumed, raspberry, rose and vanilla
  • Honey with cocoa nibs – fruity, chocolatey, vanilla, freshness, slightly alcoholic
  • Honey with chilli – Orange comes first, then toasted, smoked, bell-pepper and tomato flavour, finishing off with black pepper and peach flavour
  • Honey with cranberry – vanilla aroma with a berry note and a slight rose aroma
  • Honey with sea buckthorn – dominating fruity aroma, with a great citrus note complimented by a slight vanilla aroma

I’ll have a jar of each please! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wednesday Wish: Tala Cook’s Curry Measure

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Tala cook's curry measure available from Amazon

Have you been watching Rick Stein’s India that’s currently on BBC2? He’s touring India tasting & making the most fantastic looking curries.

We cook & eat a fair few curries and the programme has got me wanting a few curry-making kitchen implements.I’m going to start with this Tala Cook’s Curry Measure (in orange of course!) Each of the curries I’ve seen made on the show starts with a pungent mix of spices – cardamom, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin, curry leaves, turmeric and one that I’d never even heard of before – asafoetida.

The measure gives you the right proportions for making the different spice mixes for chapatis, biryani, rice, pakora, butter chicken, raita, dahl, aloo gobi, jalfrezi and murgh methi.

Also on the wish list is a karahi (or kadai) – one of those vast, circular cast iron pots with handles; a vaghar vadki or tadka (tarka) pan which is used to gently fry the spices in before they’re added to the the curry; and a tava (or tawa) – a flat, circular griddle for making all manner of flatbreads. One item at a time I think!

Wednesday Wish: Tube wringer

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tube wringer available from Uncommon Goods
Tube-wringer – $21.95, Uncommongoods

What was that? It was the sound of people shouting in unison, “We need one of those in our bathroom!”.ย  This tube wringer will solve, maybe not world peace but at the very least, those infamous matrimonial arguments that are had over toothpaste tube squeezing methods.

Thank us later for the savings made on lawyer’s fees, child support and alimony payments! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wednesday Wish: Dog Biscuits Cookbook & cookie cutters

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"You Bake 'em Dog Biscuits Cookbook: More Than 50 Tasty Recipes That Your Dog Will Beg for" book and set of bone-shaped cookie cutters
You Bake ’em Dog Biscuits Cookbook: More Than 50 Tasty Recipes That Your Dog Will Beg for
Set of 6 bone-shaped cookie cutters

Every so often we have to do a Wednesday Wish post for Fudge so that he doesn’t feel left out – and this week is one of his. We love to bake (and eat!) in this house and I can’t say Fudge has ever had anything specially baked just for him. He regularly gets shop bought treats but I’m sure he’d appreciate home-made ones using some of his favourite foods – banana, apple, peanut butter, cheese and cauliflower!

Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes
Buy Now