Bundle of books giveaway

Bundle of books offered as a competition prize | H is for Home

We’ve got an H is for Home give-away for the month February. It’s been a bit grey, misty and chilly of late – just the weather for hunkering down indoors with a good book. So, we decided to put together a small bundle of books as a competition prize. They’ll be of particular interest to lovers of vintage and home interiors.

Animation of books being given away in H is for Home's February 2017 competition

The books have been sent to us by various authors and publishers to read & review, which we’ve done over recent months and years in our Bookmarks series. There are five books in total, they’ve been well looked after and are all in excellent condition.

You can have a sneek peek of the books we’re offering in the photos and links to the reviews below.

To win the bundle of books, let us know in the comments section at the end of the post how you found out about this competition.

page from The Homemade Home book | H is for Home page from The Homemade Home book | H is for Home
The Homemade Home

page from 'Design Bloggers at Home' book | H is for Home page from 'Design Bloggers at Home' book | H is for Home
Design Bloggers at Home

Page from 'Flea Market Chic' book | H is for Home Page from 'Flea Market Chic' book | H is for Home
Flea Market Chic

Page from 'The Comforts of Home' | H is for Home Page from 'The Comforts of Home' | H is for Home
The Comforts of Home

Collection of interiors books offered as a competition prize | H is for Home

Hopefully, the lucky winner will be able to light the fire, curl up a comfy chair, grab a glass of wine or hot cup of tea… and allow themselves a few moments to browse these lovely books. They should last a few sittings. Good luck!

Bundle of books

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