It’s a stick up!

Win a £50 Inkmill voucher with H is for Home

As we said yesterday, we’ve been slowly turning our home office into a place where we actually want to work. It had become a bit of a dumping ground for clothes and shoes and stacked boxes of shop stock. We’ve cleared it all away and it’s looking like an actual room again!

Inkmill Vinyl chalkboard on a wall in a corner of our home office | H is for Home nkmill Vinyl chalkboard on a wall in a corner of our home office | H is for Home

As part of our home office makeover, we’ve installed a lovely, custom-made adhesive chalkboard provided by Inkmill Vinyl. We can quickly jot down packing lists, event dates, item requests, phone messages and so on.

Crow vinyl sticker above a light switch

This month, we’re giving someone the opportunity to win their own sticker, decal or wall art up to the value of £50.

Green cheese plant vinyl sticker on a sitting room wall

Stick up a height chart for a kid’s bedroom, adhere opaque patterned film to the bathroom window or create a statement wall by affixing your favourite poem or inspirational quote. There are so many options & possibilities!

Pink castle vinyl sticker on a bedroom wall

Pictured here is just a tiny example of the many, many patterns from which to choose!

Mouse and mouse hole vinyl sticker on skirting board

 Enter our competition by commenting below saying which vinyl sticker, decal or wall art you’d like to win.

Yellow vinyl dinosaur height chart sticker on a bedroom wall

£50 Inkmill Vinyl voucher

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  • Lynsey Buchanan


  • Chris Davies

    Princess Castle is beautiful! 😀

  • Lemknip Pink

    I love the ‘Winter Trees’ design sticker.

  • Elizabeth Smith


  • Katie Skeoch

    Love that dinosaur height chart!

  • Helen Humphries

    There are some brilliant things for kids but Growing up in a seventies home I love the cheese plant stickers & they would never need watering! 😉

  • maci234

    winter trees

  • Lexx oliver

    the chevrons, or anything geometrical.

  • Susan Smith

    Princess castle, its beautiful

  • Annabel Greaves

    I would choose the heart wall stickers

  • Graham Ross

    The London Skyline

  • kathycakebread

    the princess castle

  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    I would love the CLOUD BLACKBOARD WALL STICKER for my little ones! Thank-you! x

  • Solange

    My daughter would love the princess castle for her bedroom.

  • Sirley Young

    I like the giraffe measuring sticker 🙂

  • Rebecca Brown

    The little mouse and mouse hole design is so cute, I think id choose that!

  • Katharine Balyuzi

    I love the cheese plant vinyl, we had these plants all over the house growing up!

  • Jacqui Rushton

    Love the dinosaur height chart

  • Marie Timms

    The winter trees design is stunning

  • Angela Treadway

    sail boats x

  • Zoe Goulding

    I like the fern stickers

  • Suzanne Jackson

    I love the winter trees

  • Louise Gibson

    My five year old son is desperate to redo his rather babyish bedroom so I would let him choose!

  • Inga

    I like the dinosaur wall sticker for my great nephew, he loves dinosaurs 🙂

  • Lisa Parker

    I really like the Trees with Leaves Wall sticker as it would look fabulous in my hall. x

  • Rie

    The birds wall stickers.

  • D Fairman


  • Tammy Tudor

    I love the palm tree wall sticker

  • Helen W

    I’d choose the world map wall sticker with borders.

  • aidan clark

    I like the trees. Would be great to liven up my bare walls.

  • Lucy Major

    I like the little mouse one 🙂 can imagine that would wind my dog up!

  • Laura Pritchard

    I love the Small bird sticker


    The Art Deco Notice Board

  • ashleigh allan

    space planet set ceiling sticker

  • MM

    I like the winter trees

  • melanie stirling

    I would like the world map with borders wall sticker.

  • Louise king

    Childrens elephant and giraffes are my daughters fave

  • Emily Hutchinson

    I’d love some of the little mice. I think it would be so funny for guests to spot them

  • Vicki Davitt

    There’s so many to choose from but I really love the sea turtle and also the reef shark

  • George Fairclough

    I love the blackboard elephants and the world map stickers!!!

  • Claire Glace


  • Caroline H

    I love the Cow Scene border.

  • I think the grass and cornfliwer glass frosting

  • Fiona

    I’d pick the black heart

  • leanne williams

    the dino height chart please

  • Sheena Batey

    I like the mouse or the cat standing so would choose one of them.

  • Ruth Harwood

    would love a t-rex sticker for my son’s room!!

  • MrRichTea

    London Skyline

  • Liam Bishop

    I love the Winter Trees, I find them kind of relaxing.

  • Elzbieta Znyk


  • I would make a custom sticker with a cat. 🙂

  • Jayne Townson

    I would love the WORLD MAP WALL STICKER WITH BORDERS, because this would look perfect in my sons bedroom, thanks.

  • Lydia Graham

    I like the Castle Height Chart

  • Tean Porteus

    I’d like something fun and floral for our bedroom to liven up a plum coloured wall, think the Flowers Fuchsia would look good

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    The Hot Air Balloons

  • Lynn Neal

    I love the mouse and mouse hole!

  • kat walsh

    Princess Castle is fab

  • Lorraine Polley

    i love the pink fairy castle height chart, would be perfect for my granddaughter who has a disney princess themed bedroom

  • Melissa Lee

    I would love to win the Winter Trees Wall Sticker

  • Ali Johnson

    I like the Hummingbirds with petunia border

  • Kim Styles

    I love the world Map

  • Susan Smith

    Favourite icecream is Vanilla

  • Jo Carroll

    I think the dinosaur T Rex scene border is brilliant. x

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    love the lion one

  • Michaela Hannah

    I love the hot air balloons wall stickers

  • nicholas bootle

    strawberry ice-cream

  • Helen Bradd Thurston

    I’d choose the small bird wall sticker or cheese plant leaves

  • amanda

    i would love the princess castle for my little princess

  • Jodie A Green

    love the dinosaur height chart in pink for my girls

  • Leila Benhamida

    Will choose the Skyline wall sticker Rome

  • Arabella Bazley

    The princess castle height chart is a must but I love their winter trees and acacia tree as well.

  • lorraine kirk

    I love the leaves section, fern leaves, cheese plant leaves etc.

  • Emily Clark

    I love the fern leaf wall sticker!

  • Claire Woods

    Winter Trees

  • Liz Marshall

    I love the castle height chart, or rather my twin girls would love it in their room.

  • Christine Lockley

    I’d choose the blackboard notice sticker

  • marie miles

    i like the Elephant Family Scene Border sticker this would really suit my passage decor thanks for the chance

  • Christine Hall

    I love the height chart

  • Ursula Hunt

    The striped hot air balloon

  • Stevie


  • Stevie

    Ice cream? Ooh probably strawberry ice cream with sprinkles.

  • Joanne Hutchings

    I think I’d choose the winter tree wall sticker.

  • Jamie Millard (JayJay1874)

    the Princess Castle

  • Krzysia Bi

    I would choose the Winter Tree Trunk Wall Sticker for the feature wall in my guest bedroom. It would be perfect for the room as it’s black and white and the windows look out onto some beautiful trees. So, bringing the outside in as it were 😉

  • Victoria Prince

    The butterfly pattern wall sticker 🙂

  • Tammy Stevenson

    I love the rainbow and cloud wall sticker

  • PamGregory

    Butterfly Birdwing Border looks great!

  • Christina Palmer

    Mini Cooper sticker

  • Tina Houlihan


  • Dawn Wilkinson

    I love the Trees Wall Sticker

  • Kirsten Murphy

    I love the translucent coloured window film, it would be great for the high windows in my hall

  • amy p

    i would chose the cloud wall pattern it would look great in my sons room

  • Mary Duncan

    I love the winter trees, they’re so pretty!

  • Tammy Lisa Artherton

    chalkboard, i love it.

  • Natalie Crossan

    The london skyline xxx

  • Joanna Ford

    The winter trees look fab!

  • h_igoe

    i love the triangles window film

  • Hannah Lord

    The giraffe elephant scene boarder is lovely perfect for my sons room

  • Rebecca Howells

    World map so we could mark where we have been in the world (@PeanutHog)

  • Eileen Tingle


  • karen hutchinson

    Love the maps or the trees

  • Paula Cheadle

    I would choose the CASTLE HEIGHT CHART for my granddaughter

  • Paula Cheadle

    I love vanilla with nuts and a flake

  • the dinosaur height chart is fab

  • lorraine kirk

    I like the cheese plant stickers.

  • id chose one of the bird stickers

  • Vicki-Anne Smith

    I’d choose the art deco notice board chalkboard vinyl sticker

  • Caroline Signey

    Something like the castle for my little girl

  • Nancy Bradford

    I think the world map sticker is really nice and it would help my daughter to learn geography.

  • Kat Allinson

    I would like the Banana Wall sticker

  • Ali

    Love the chalkboard idea

  • Geoffroy Thomas

    Green cheese plant – would be lovely in the conservatory

  • Mimicat

    Trees or thw indow flowers then there’s the mousehole….fabulous all of them.

  • Laura Vitty

    Love the notice board styles, the art deco one is my favourite

  • Gem Cook

    I love the Winter Trees design sticker. X

  • sarah stocks

    The Mouse and Mousehole is so cute. Or one of the dinosaurs…possibly TRex for my son. The ants are pretty cool too and totally different.

  • World Map – we love travelling

  • tamara foster

    I love the Scooter kick sticker x

  • Erica Price

    I like the birds wall sticker

  • Anneka Avery

    I like them all so so much but if I absolutely had to choose one from your blog post it would have to be the notice board one like you have in your home office! Now that would get me organised!

  • Lia Louise Burns

    I love the big heart air balloon sticker, it wouldn’t look perfect in my daughters room x

  • Amy Denney

    Castle Height chart.

  • tracy sinclair

    I love the Humming birds with Fuchsia Wall Sticker x

  • Robyn Clarke

    I love the height charts