Charity Vintage: 6-slice Dualit toaster

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6-slice Dualit toaster for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of British Heart Foundation
(ends 5 Nov, 2014 20:36:37 GMT)

This stainless steel 6-slice Dualit toaster isn’t strictly ‘vintage’, although it’s definitely second hand. We’ve had a couple of Dualit toasters in our time. We had a purple, limited-edition one from Liberty of London which we swapped for a limited edition Selfridges one when it no longer went with the colour scheme in our kitchen.

Much as we love our orange Dualit it only has 2 slots, so if we both want toast at the same time – which is often – there’s a queue!

If you have a large family (or just like big portions of toast!) this 6-slot version is ideal. Dualit toasters last a lifetime; if a heating element goes (which we have never had happen) it’s easy to repair.

This one for sale by British Heart Foundation* isn’t in pristine condition but a wad of Duraglit and some elbow grease will make a vast improvement. It’s currently £27 which is an absolute bargain! And the £4.50 postage charge is cheap, cheap, cheap!

*British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity. They help save lives with information, patient care and pioneering research. With your support, they’re beating heart disease for good.

Is Romance Dead?

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cardboard box containing my birthday present

It was my birthday on the 24th of November and when Justin asked me what I wanted, my request was met by, “Are you sure?” He thought it was a bit functional or mundane for a birthday treat.

open cardboard box containing my birthday present

It’s something I’ve wanted for quite a long time, and thought that it was no longer available. But, when I noticed it for sale once again on the Selfridges website, I didn’t want to miss out a second time

open cardboard box containing my birthday present

I blogged about it a while ago – it was one of our weekly Wednesday Wish posts – you may remember it! It’s a bright orange Dualit toaster exclusively available from Selfridges.

my birthday present, an orange Dualit toaster exclusively available from Selfridges

We’ve had a similar one that we’ve been using for years, a purple 3-slot combi that we bought at Liberty when we lived in Brighton – which was over a decade ago! We used to have lilac walls in the kitchen in that house and it looked great. It doesn’t work so well in our current home though – in fact it’s jarred on the eyes for years – a purple toaster in an orange & cream kitchen. I don’t know how we lived with it for so long!

my birthday present, an orange Dualit toaster exclusively available from Selfridges

I’m sure this Dualit will last as long as the last which was used every day and never let us down – virtually indestructible!

And romance isn’t completely dead… after our morning toast, we went for a lovely birthday lunch at the Old Bore in Rishworth.

Wednesday Wish: Orange Dualit toaster

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limited edition orange Dualit toaster for Selfridges
Limited edition orange Dualit toaster – Selfridges -£145

Welcome to our new Wednesday Wish segment. Each week we’ll share something that’s recently caught our eye. We’ll start with something for the home, but could just as easily be something to wear, something to eat, a film, a book…

If you’ve seen photos of our kitchen, you’ll know that it has a bright orange feature wall – this toaster will match nicely!