Wednesday Wish: Baguette tray

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Perfobake baguette tray available from Lakeland
Perfobake baguette tray: £9.99, Lakeland

If you’ve been following our Cakes & Bakes posts recently you’ll know that I made a batch of baguettes a fortnight or so ago. I proved them in an accordion-pleated tea towel but a baguette tray would be so much better – much less fiddly.

We visit the Lake District a few times per year and a highlight of my car journey there is stopping off at Booths Supermarket in Windermere (Pathetic? Moi?). They stock lots of things from local producers and sell other items that aren’t available at our local Morrisons in Todmorden. A stones throw from Booths is Lakeland‘s flagship store which is the highlight of my return journey home. This baguette tray is already on my shopping list!

Out & about… January

December started with a cold snap… and January began in the same way.

Lots of snow, frost & ice about again.

Here, a barge has to break through icy water in Rochdale Canal.

We often come across these old baths while wandering around the local fields. How about this for al fresco living? It was about -3ºC on the day we saw these – tempted to take a dip anyone?

And what about this twin-tub arrangement?

We spent a week away in the Lake District in the middle of the month. Unfortunately, we got 7 solid days of mist & rain.

The area still manages to be beautiful even in the worst of weathers though.

We stayed in Elterwater and spent our time walking in the surrounding hills… and then drying off in front of fires in our cottage … or the Britannia, the local village pub.

Fudge was always waiting for his next walk… of which there were many!

We did break it up with a day’s shopping, spending a couple of hours in Windermere. We picked up a few things including these immaculate 1970s headphones and some Holmegaard glass candle holders.

We also stocked up on nice things to eat and drink at Booths. It’s a small chain of food stores in the North of England – and a firm favourite of ours.

Last week we spent a day taking photos in Manchester – we’ll be doing a blog in the near future about vintage shopping in the city – we’ll keep you posted!