10 incredible reasons to invest in illuminated bathroom mirrors

10 incredible reasons to invest in illuminated bathroom mirrors

It goes without saying that mirrors are essential in bathrooms. Everyone needs them for applying makeup or shaving. Sometimes, though, putting on makeup or shaving in poor light results in smudged mascara or an uneven beard. Not only this, but a hot steamy shower also makes using bathroom mirrors almost impossible.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors can be an easy and economical solution for these problems!

These mirrors feature LED lights that are strategically positioned around their edge providing a bright and even illumination.

There are other reasons why UK homeowners prefer to own LED bathroom mirrors.

Let’s discuss what makes illuminated bathroom mirrors a prime choice, especially for bathroom, cloakroom and dressing room spaces.

Why should you invest in illuminated bathroom mirrors?

: Brighter reflection

Illuminated bathroom mirrors provide brighter reflections, and that’s one of the primary reasons why UK homeowners prefer them.

These LED Illumination mirrors provide you a much better and clearer reflection of you while you’re either shaving or simply washing your face.

A clearer mirror reflection makes grooming tasks such as shaving, applying makeup, and styling hair a lot easier and more comfortable. No unclear vision, no irritating low light issues, just stand in front of your mirror and enjoy a clearer, brighter vision.

#2: Energy efficient

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Many people avoid LED illumination mirrors, thinking that they may consume a lot of energy, thereby increasing their electricity bills. In fact, they’re an extremely energy efficient mirror option! And it’s all thanks to their LED technology that consumes less electricity while offering you the best mirror view. Along with being energy efficient, they also offer you multiple light options such as fluorescent, incandescent and day white – meaning you can enjoy various light options and the best view without worrying about costly electricity bills. Just install an illuminated mirror in your bathroom and enjoy a brighter, less-costly grooming routine.

: Space-saving design

If you’re an interior enthusiast, you’d definitely love the third reason why Brits prefer an illuminated mirror! Many LED bathroom mirrors have a slim and sleek design, making them perfect for small bathrooms. Choose a frameless LED mirror if you want to create a spacious feel in the bathroom. Additionally, these mirrors provide illumination, eliminating the need for separate lighting fixtures for your bathroom.

: Enhanced aesthetics

Speaking of design perspective, let’s discuss another major reason why these mirrors are a prime choice of most homeowners. LED mirrors can add a modern and stylish touch to your bathroom décor! They’re available in various shapes, sizes and designs to complement different interior styles; whether it’s contemporary, minimalist or classic. Also, you may want to choose a relevant mirror frame colour that further enhances its visual appeal.

#5: Focal point

LED bathroom mirrors can provide the easiest and most economical way of creating a focal point in the bathroom. You can choose a frame shape such as an oval, or capsule in a gold frame to create a distinctive style statement in your bathroom. We suggest you further coordinate this colour with the vanity unit’s taps, handles and shower enclosure frames to create a seamless and coordinated look. If you’re looking to add an unusual, but stylish, illuminated mirror, consider buying a hexagonal mirror for your bathroom or cloakroom.

#6: Longer mirror life

You may use an illuminated mirror as a source of light in the bathroom! Not only is it more economical than traditional bulbs but also has a longer life span. Good quality LED mirrors last for many years, reducing the need to change the bulbs as often or requiring other sources of light.

#7: Illusion of space

Homeowners, especially with smaller bathrooms, prefer to own an illuminated mirror to create an illusion of space. Small bathrooms require clever planning to make better use of available space. An illuminated mirror can be a perfect option for compact spaces.

Installing the right size of LED mirror at the right position can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.

: De-fogging technology

A steamed up bathroom mirror can be annoying, making its use almost impossible after a shower session. Most LED bathroom mirrors come equipped with built-in de-fogging technology that keeps the reflection completely clear even in most humid bathroom conditions.

: Eco-friendly

Increasingly, homeowners are making green choices, and bathroom spaces are no exception. If you’re trying to create an eco-friendly bathroom, then LED-illuminated bathroom mirrors are the right option for you. This helps reduce energy consumption while reducing the need for tasks and other types of lights in the bathroom.

#10: Adjustable settings

LED illuminated bathroom mirrors are highly customisable, providing you full control over their settings. Thanks to clever touch sensor technology, you can adjust the brightness and colour of light as per your preferences. Set warm white (300k), day white (4500K) and cool white (6500K) depending on your mood or activity.

Final thoughts

You’re all set to decide whether your bathroom requires an illuminated mirror or a non-LED mirror. Just bear in mind that an LED bathroom mirror offers more ease compared to basic ones. And you’ll have more control over brightness and a clearer mirror view, especially if your space has lighting challenges.


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